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The Used Engines company specializes in providing used auto parts and other accessories at near wholesale sticker prices. The U.S. distributors that are featured in the company network supply the thousands of components available for retail sale. Each component that is procured from auto salvage companies, wrecking yards and junkyards is attractively priced for consumers. The development of intensive software has simplified parts research on the Internet. Any user of the LocateCarParts.com website can find preowned car parts, truck parts, van parts, performance parts and vintage car parts for excellent prices.

Price quotes for automotive components provides the 21st century way to compare companies. It is no longer required of customers to call and speak with representatives to compare what parts cost. The process to buy has also been changed through this company. A direct link to make a purchase is always provided when quotations are delivered online. The car parts location service built into the company website handles all of the e-commerce of used auto components for sale. Company staff are always available by phone in the U.S. The toll-free phone support line is a popular method of validating vehicle identification numbers prior to placing parts orders on the Internet.

There are thousands of distributors, suppliers, junkyards and auto wrecking yards supplying the components for sale through this website. Consumers can select which companies have the lowest prices to complete orders. The big-three auto companies such as Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Chrysler are found for used parts here. This includes popular import companies such as Honda, Kia, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Toyota. Validating parts pricing before orders are placed is a really simple process. Any consumer who has questions prior to placing an order can call, e-mail or receive direct assistance from this used auto parts website.