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Used 1.9 Ford Engine

Ford built four versions of its 1.9L engine. Because there are many variants, locating the right model is not easy. In North America, the 4-cylinder was found in the Escort, Lynx, Tracer and LN7. On this auto website, a used 1.9 Ford engine is for sale. How reliable are the 1.9 motors? Most people who already own these blocks will answer with a ‘very reliable’ answer. While the horsepower was lower than the V6, the regular I4 was a pretty good block. Ford Motor Company did a lot right when it mass produced the early Escort cars with the manual transmission. Specs of the Different 1.9L Motors In the year 1986, the 1.3, 1.4 and 1.6 were outdated. A decision was made to improve not only the power but the type of block. Over the next several years, Ford started building different models of its flagship four-cylinder motor. Types of U.S. manufactured 1.9L engines: – 1.9 CVH – 1.9 SEPI – 1.9 CVI – 1.9 SPI The differences include the way that fuel is brought to the motor. The emergence of fuel injection made it possible to build the central fuel injection (CFI) version. The sequential type was modeled for the SEPI block. The split port injection was the final build of the Ford 1.9-liter I4 engine. Warranty for Used Ford Motors It is no guarantee that when preowned automotive parts are purchased that a failure will not be imminent. There is years of abuse put on the average second hand part. Judging what is good and bad takes a little knowledge. The Ford junk yards where UsedEngines.co finds its inventory to sell to the public is always tested. This has helped us create a […]

Ford Transit Connect 2.5 Engine for Sale

The van and wagon use 2.5L Duratec engines in the Transit Connect by Ford. These blocks are helping to propel sales of the XL and XLT trim models in the United States. With a high towing capacity, the Ford Transit Connect 2.5 engine we sell on this website is near perfect. These are used motors ready for shipment. The Second Generation of manufacturing put the Transit Connect on the map in North America. While first developed by Ford in Europe, it is closely modeled after the Focus in design and motor power. In the year 2014, mass production started on the 2.5L I4 engines for the XL and XLT editions. Specs of the Duratec 2.5 The horsepower was increased to help the cargo van convince buyers that enough torque was available. A 169 SAE rating is what Ford goes by in all of its service manuals. The 152 CID is quite large for the standard Duratec four-cylinder block. The ratio of compression is 9:7:1 and is in line with earlier versions for the 2.5 class of motors. Ford Motor Company kept the sequential fuel injection system. This prepares auto owners to receive as much as 28 miles per gallon. Fleet Transit Connect Engines Development has been underway to introduce the van trim models to the commercial marketplace. The Duratec 25 motor features an aluminum block and aluminum head design. The 6-speed automatic transmission is part of the new engineering. These units are now standard in all FWD enabled vehicles. Regular unleaded and E85 versions are available for the used Ford Duratec 25 engine inventory sold here. These are good for residential and business usage. Our team of salvage providers make it affordable to own a […]

Ford Bronco 5.8 Engine for Sale

The Bronco used a 5.8 V8 engine block starting in 1978 in the USA. The full-size sport utility vehicle build called for the 351 CID build. Borg Warner was still supplying transmissions to go with the small-block editions. There is good news for people who shop on this website. A Ford Bronco 5.8 engine for sale can be ordered at a fair and discounted price. The 1980 version of the Bronco did use a 4.9-liter. This was not received well by people who did not appreciate the 300 CID. The straight 6 block was not as powerful as the Windsor V8. The last time that a Bronco used the 5.8 engine was the 1996 year. Ford discontinued it in hopes of finding a replacement. Overdrive Transmission Compatible V8 A switch was made to use the AOD gearboxes in the early 1990s. Fans of the manual T18 and C6 were not impressed though. Knocking out one gear and putting in an overdrive automatic did hurt sales of the 5.8 powered SUVs. In an effort to help with fuel economy, the smaller Bronco and 302 V8 were being manufactured. Someone who is ready to swap out a vintage Ford motor has a lot of research to conduct. It is not all about getting the best price sometimes. There are very good blocks listed on Craigslist or eBay these days. The problem is that a warranty is almost never included. All sales are final in most cases. Good Running Windsor V8 Motors UsedEngines.co makes sure that customers are happy. A warranty plan was developed in order to increase sales in the U.S. and Canada. We cannot control the block mileage on a unit, but we can offer a […]

Ford 5.8 Engine for Sale

The 351W is code name for the 5.8 engine at Ford. This Windsor family block was a small-block design. It was revamped more than once since its introduction in the late 1960s. The F-Series trucks were the late vehicle in production to use this edition. Right from this page, someone can buy a Ford 5.8 engine for sale. When Ford builds something strong, it needs to last a while. That was exactly the mindset for the 8-cylinder build. It features cast iron casings for the head and the block. These were built in the state of Ohio in two different factories. The life span of a 5.8 is pretty long if the unit is taken care of by an owner. Specs of the 351W V8 Two valves for every cylinder is what to expect when buying a used Ford Windsor motor. The specs changed a little through the years. The compression was originally as high as 11:0:1, but it was brought down when fuel economy was essential for motorists. The late model versions were usually 8:8:1. The four-barrel carburetor was commonly applied in the 1970s and early 1980s. When the F150 truck was updated to the 5.8 motor, horsepower was contained at 210. The lightning trim version had the highest power boost available at 240 hp. Swapping a 5.8L Motor A person should know about some common problems with the 5.8 prior to swapping one. Some truck owners have experienced low fuel pressure. This could be from a faulty pump or broken line. A lot of use and mileage can be extracted from the 351 V8. Heavy oil consumption could mean that there is an internal issue going on. The specs of the block do […]

4.0 Ford Mustang Engine for Sale

The 4.0 motor that was used in the Mustang replaced the older 3.8 in 2005. Ford had already found a successful pairing with the Ranger and Explorer vehicles. The use of the older Cologne block boosted nationwide sales. UsedEngines.co has the finest inventory of 4.0 Ford Mustang engine for sale inventory featured online. The Fifth Generation design of the Mustang was one of Ford’s best creations. Going with a regular 6-cylinder was a bit of a gamble. Some people complained that the V8 should have been the go-to choice. The 4.6 Modular series was eventually released for the mid 2006 GT. Rebuilt Versus Crate Engines People who do not buy used versions can seek two other options. These are not on sale here, but it helps to mention them. A crate engine of the 4.0 is available. These can be customized, and many aftermarket parts are available. People who have a little bit more money choose the remanufactured Cologne V6. The 2007 and 2010 models are by far the most popular to own. The convertible, coupe and GT500 were all marketed to car lovers. For someone who wants a used 4.0 Mustang engine, we are happy to accommodate with a low price. Compression Tested Ford V6 Motors How does a person know if valves or gaskets leak? The answer is that they do not unless they test for these problems. The reality is that thousands of engines are sold on eBay annually. Probably none of these are tested by resellers. This starts off a chain reaction of future issues to deal with. All in stock builds that will be shipped in North America from our warehouse go through testing. These tests do include part visual […]

4.0L Ford Explorer Engine Used with Low Mileage

The Explorer hit the open road with a 4.0L engine in 1990. The development of this SUV and the modified Ranger were a success at Ford. Both the two-door and four-door editions had the front mounted OHV block inside. UsedEngines.co sells 4.0L Ford Explorer engines used with low mileage right from this website. Cologne V6 SUV Blocks Did you know the 4.0 was actually produced in Europe? One of the largest factories for automotive parts in the country of Germany was tapped to build the Cologne 6-cylinder. When people shop for a vintage V6, they usually mean this version. Ford turned some heads in the 1997 year when it announced plans to retire the overhead valve motor. Development was started on the SOHC edition. The used Explorer engines that are on this website are either post 1990 or post 2003. Second Generation Ford Motors The Windsor V8 was the biggest block ever put inside of the Explorer. This was the premium model. Buyers who settled for the 6-cylinder edition still received a good value. The 2001, 2002 and later vehicles were all part of the late model expansion. The gas mileage as well as horsepower was improved. About 205 hp was a big jump from the 160 of the earlier V6 builds. A Third Generation was built that added the Modular V8. Each of these editions had either a manual or automatic transmission attached. Mazda technology was utilized for this development. Road Tested 4.0 Engines A warranty alone does not convince most people to buy. Knowing that the motor is in good exterior condition does help. What really helps is when a road test or compression test is performed. Results from these tests are important. […]

Used Ford Ranger 4.0 Engine

The Ranger used both OHV and SOHC 4.0 engines at Ford. Swapping either of these does take some knowledge of manifold identification. There is a stamp on each unit that details which block is which. A person trying to find a used Ford Ranger 4.0 engine can order one here at a cheap price. A lot of development went into the first edition OHV V6 motor. These were built in Germany from the year 1990 to the early 2000s. The single overhead cam edition came along in the year 1997 for use also in the Explorer. Ford had used the 2.9L V6 as the entry point for 6-cylinder power in compact trucks. Specs of the 4.0 Ranger Motor The compression found in the block is 9:0:1. This is the factory setting according to service manuals. The most common range of power includes a 160 hp speed. The late model edition sported a 207 hp. The RPM was improved from 2400 to 3000. There are 245 CID found on either of the two blocks available. There are some known problems in Ranger trucks though. Some people did report a miss or a bogged down feeling when driving. These could have been caused by failed spark plugs, old wiring or issues with manifold parts. Some people do install superchargers that are made by aftermarket companies to complement the V6. Reliability of the 4.0 V6 For the most part, the early 1990 OHV and later SOHC are still in demand. Ford Motor Company has since moved on in development to its Ecoboost family. A lot of people still think highly of the smaller 4.0 used in the Explorer and Ranger pickup. People who buy these second hand often […]

Ford 4.0 V6 for Sale in Used Condition

The 4.0L engine block from Ford started out as a Cologne build. This series was one of the final pushrod motors marketed nationally. Ford constructed this edition in the country of Germany for many years. It was used up until the early 2000s. UsedEngines.co has great prices on used Ford 4.0 V6 for sale inventory. The 4.0-liter debuted in popular vehicles in America. The Ranger and Mazda truck series were improved with the addition of a V6. A decision was made to install the OHV build in the Aerostar vans. The whole concept of the larger 6-cylinder was to replace the outdated 2.9-liter. 4.0 Ford: Good or Not People who buy a VIN X motor are probably impressed at the quality. Someone who is still trying to decide usually has questions. Unlike the late model SOHC version, the overhead valve had a camshaft and rocker arm setup. These were controlled with a timing chain. Like any chain-driven system, breakage could happen. The specs of the vintage 4.0 V6 included a 245 cubic inch displacement. The compression was always 9:0:1 according to Ford Motor Company manuals. The fuel system was controlled through sequential fuel injection. The most common horsepower was 160 although some people reported having only 155 hp. 6-Cylinder Motor Warranty Plans There is nothing outdated about buying a classic engine. The very concept of going with something reliable is understood by many people. Ford junk yards are a good place to spot inventory on hand. An issue with this research method is product quality. Anything that someone can order here includes a warranty plan. These are given to make it clear to people that we are a professional seller. A large majority of the […]

Mazda Tribute 2.0 Engine for Sale

The Mazda Tribute was for sale with a 2.0L Zetec engine in the U.S. starting in 2000. Essentially it was the same vehicle as the Escape by Ford. The compact vehicle brands were popular at the start of the Millennium. The front mounted motor was powered by FWD. A Mazda Tribute 2.0 engine for sale is always available on this website. To go with the I4 motor, a 5-speed manual transmission was the original option. This fit well with the 16 valves supplied in the 2.0. The fuel tank held around 15 gallons of fuel. What this translated to was about 26 miles per gallon on average. This is one reason why people like used Mazda motors. They are good on mileage. 124 HP Mazda 2.0 Motors The inline four-cylinder was a winner. The close relationship between Ford Motor Company and Mazda produced some excellent technology. The sharing of information is what furthered the development of all motor vehicles. A timing belt operated the camshaft in the 2.0 I4 unlike the later produced 3.0. The official specs were 124 hp on the 2000 to 2004 Tribute SUV. Some people have it listed as 130 hp. Fluctuations do occur, and someone buying a used I4 SUV engine should note the differences. The Zetec served its purposed in the DX trim until the larger Duratec V6 was manufactured. Four-Cylinder Motors with Warranties Buying any preowned parts used can be hard. This includes somewhat good condition motors. Knowing which ones to avoid is not always easy. Retailers usually put up a stock photo. They might even stretch the truth when it comes to stating the condition. Few companies even provide a coverage period for components after 90 days. […]

Ford 2.3 Duratec Engine for Sale

The 2.3 displacement in the Duratec engine from Ford means good gas mileage. This block debuted in the Spring of 2003 in the USA market. The year of production dictates just how fast these units will go in terms of horsepower. What people want to know when buying a used edition is if it is a good-running block. We offer an affordable Ford 2.3 Duratec engine for sale here. Depending on the source of information, specs can vary slightly for the Duratec family. The 23E code is the California emissions versions. These were specially designed and only offered in a handful of states. What most people ask for is the 2.3-liter editions. These were mass produced and inserted into multiple automobiles. Data About the Ford 2.3 I4 The entire production schedule lasted for nine years. Ford stopped relying on the 2.3 when it developed its Ecoboost platform. People who search the salvage auto parts market do have options for buying authentic builds. The installations for the Duratec 23 motor include: 1. Focus 2. Fusion 3. Mazda 3 4. Mazda 6 5. Milan 6. Ranger 7. B2300 8. Escape 138 cubic inch displacement is what a person receives with the aluminum casted build. A variance of up to 164 horsepower is given. The camshaft has 5 bearings inside. The system is chain driven. What makes a used Ford motor so valuable is the OEM parts. Ford Junk Yard Pullouts UsedEngines.co has hundreds of junk yards in North America in which to secure inventory. This vast network includes local and regional business owners. We sell to just as many car owners as we do mechanics and body shops. Everyone gets the chance to obtain a low price. […]