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Mazda Tribute 2.0 Engine for Sale

The Mazda Tribute was for sale with a 2.0L Zetec engine in the U.S. starting in 2000. Essentially it was the same vehicle as the Escape by Ford. The compact vehicle brands were popular at the start of the Millennium. The front mounted motor was powered by FWD. A Mazda Tribute 2.0 engine for sale is always available on this website. To go with the I4 motor, a 5-speed manual transmission was the original option. This fit well with the 16 valves supplied in the 2.0. The fuel tank held around 15 gallons of fuel. What this translated to was about 26 miles per gallon on average. This is one reason why people like used Mazda motors. They are good on mileage. 124 HP Mazda 2.0 Motors The inline four-cylinder was a winner. The close relationship between Ford Motor Company and Mazda produced some excellent technology. The sharing of information is what furthered the development of all motor vehicles. A timing belt operated the camshaft in the 2.0 I4 unlike the later produced 3.0. The official specs were 124 hp on the 2000 to 2004 Tribute SUV. Some people have it listed as 130 hp. Fluctuations do occur, and someone buying a used I4 SUV engine should note the differences. The Zetec served its purposed in the DX trim until the larger Duratec V6 was manufactured. Four-Cylinder Motors with Warranties Buying any preowned parts used can be hard. This includes somewhat good condition motors. Knowing which ones to avoid is not always easy. Retailers usually put up a stock photo. They might even stretch the truth when it comes to stating the condition. Few companies even provide a coverage period for components after 90 days. […]

Ford 2.3 Duratec Engine for Sale

The 2.3 displacement in the Duratec engine from Ford means good gas mileage. This block debuted in the Spring of 2003 in the USA market. The year of production dictates just how fast these units will go in terms of horsepower. What people want to know when buying a used edition is if it is a good-running block. We offer an affordable Ford 2.3 Duratec engine for sale here. Depending on the source of information, specs can vary slightly for the Duratec family. The 23E code is the California emissions versions. These were specially designed and only offered in a handful of states. What most people ask for is the 2.3-liter editions. These were mass produced and inserted into multiple automobiles. Data About the Ford 2.3 I4 The entire production schedule lasted for nine years. Ford stopped relying on the 2.3 when it developed its Ecoboost platform. People who search the salvage auto parts market do have options for buying authentic builds. The installations for the Duratec 23 motor include: 1. Focus 2. Fusion 3. Mazda 3 4. Mazda 6 5. Milan 6. Ranger 7. B2300 8. Escape 138 cubic inch displacement is what a person receives with the aluminum casted build. A variance of up to 164 horsepower is given. The camshaft has 5 bearings inside. The system is chain driven. What makes a used Ford motor so valuable is the OEM parts. Ford Junk Yard Pullouts UsedEngines.co has hundreds of junk yards in North America in which to secure inventory. This vast network includes local and regional business owners. We sell to just as many car owners as we do mechanics and body shops. Everyone gets the chance to obtain a low price. […]

Mercury Topaz 2.3L Engine for Sale

Topaz by Mercury used 2.3L I4 engine blocks from 1984 to 1994. Known as the sister vehicle to the Tempo, the Topaz was one of the brands to use the high swirl combustion system. Because the four-cylinder HSC is no longer manufactured, people have to find used units from retailers. A Mercury Topaz 2.3L engine for sale is available here. 2.3 CFI or Carburetor Motors Fuel systems were changing rapidly in the 1980s. Ford was getting away from the carburetor blocks by 1985. The early Mercury HSC motors did have a simple carburetor installed. In later years, this was changed to include the CFI model. These central fuel injection parts can still be fixed should someone need to buy a component from a dealer. The OHV block of the 2.3 is rated for 140 cubic inch displacement. This averages to be about 90 horsepower. The official specs from Mercury listed the LTS and XR-5 with 100 hp in the HO blocks. Ford Motor Company did improve the performance of its 2.3 as time went on. When support decreased for the small I4, a change was issued to include the Vulcan V6. This was the same setup that can be found in the Taurus. The 3.0-liter as well as the 2.3-liter can still be ordered using the checkout system on this page. The mark of VIN X 8th digit identifies the 2.3 HSC Topaz motor. A VIN S refers to the higher output versions produced after the year 1987. This usedengines.co website is one of the few resources left in the country to find quality inventory. Replacement Topaz Car Engines How much is a rebuilt 2.3? Since nothing on sale here is remanufactured, it is hard […]

Mercury Tracer Engine for Sale

Prices for Mercury Tracer engines in used condition are found here. The Tracer by Ford for its Mercury division debuted in the 1987 year. First promoted with a 1.6L motor block, the consumer demand quickly grew. The hatchback, sedan and station wagon versions were all big sellers at the Ford Motor Company. Because there were three generations of manufacturing, there are still plenty of used Mercury Tracer engine for sale products found in North America. Specs for the Tracer Motors The VIN P is a popular product. Known officially as an SPI 2000, this 2.0-liter edition is the largest motor in a Tracer car. The smaller editions had displacements of 1.8L and 1.9L respectively. The horsepower range was rated as the following: 82 horsepower 88 horsepower 110 horsepower 127 horsepower Discontinued in the year 1999, the Mercury Tracer was though to have a comeback in the mid-2000s to boost annual sales. While the decision to bring back this car is still up in the air, the standard and split port induction engines can still be found online. The CVH and earlier builds are found here solely for regular people to purchase. GS, LS and LTS Blocks Having the right vehicle identification number is important. What Ford did was make it easier for the common man to find the correct version of his vehicle. The check digit is a dead giveaway when determining which trim level Mercury Tracer motor is needed. UsedEngines.co has one of the only nationwide look-up tools that finds all North American inventory. The Ford-Mercury products people can purchase on this website come from secondary sources. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a second hand auto engine. Warranty Period of Two Years How […]

2.3 Duratec Engine for Sale

Ford knows when it builds something special. The secret development of the Duratec engine base in the early 2000s is proof of this. The codes 23 and 25 are used to differentiate the different engines that are now in used by Ford for its vehicles. The 2.3 Duratec engine for sale listed here online is a genuine build. These preowned engines are purchased through a network of Ford engine suppliers in the U.S. The 2.3 and 2.5 are both offered for sale on this website. Ford uses its manufacturing plants in Mexico and in Michigan to build the Duratec brand of motors. The Ford Ranger is one of the first builds to receive the I4 Duratec. The success of this pairing lasted until 2011. Other popular vehicles that use the 2.3 series include the Focus, Escape, Milan, Tribute, Mariner, Fusion and Mazda B-Series. The consistent development of the Duratec brand of motors has helped introduce a larger V6 edition in later vehicle builds. Buy 2.3 Duratec Engines with a Full Warranty Not many things go wrong with Ford engine builds if these motors are cared for properly. Parts do wear with time though and some people could be faced with a huge decision. Buying a used engine from an auction company is one of these decisions. Not paying attention to the warranty received upon purchase could cost a person a lot of extra time and money. We prevent used disasters here at UsedEngines.co. All 2.3 or subsequent 2.5 Duratec preowned engines are paired with our own full warranty plans. These plans are provided as a safety net for all engine buyers. Do these plans cover all parts? The answer is no. We’re unable to cover […]

Chevy Tahoe Engine

GM introduced the world to the cousin of the Yukon known as the Tahoe. This 1995 creation remains in production because of the engine power. You can find more than one displacement for sale here. If you came here to find a compatible V8, you’re in the right place. Each preowned Chevy Tahoe engine for sale here is an OEM build. You’re getting a lot for your money. Our network of automotive supply companies are able to provide superior pricing. You can stop lurking on eBay or Craigslist to find a better deals. Just use the quote form here. The 4.1 straight six was the first and last installation of this motor in an SUV. The retirement of this engine helped to produce the 5.3 V8. This engine was used successfully in the Silverado series. The boost of power to the 5.7 helped the Tahoe to gain new ground for an combustion engine sport utility vehicle. The used units that are found inside our searchable database provide the GM value that cannot be found elsewhere. We’re not an auction seller. We choose to provide engines that come from real companies providing real warranties. Chevy Tahoe Engine Problems Solved Is your engine locked up? Are you getting OBD-II codes you don’t understand? We’re here to help you solve your Chevrolet SUV engine issues. The motors that we provide are a lot cheaper than fixing one that is beyond repair. You know that once engines reach a certain mileage point that it’s probably time to call it a day. Our low priced GM motors give the V8 power in both gasoline and diesel form that buyers request. Thousands of buyers can’t be wrong each year who use […]

SRT 4 Engine for Sale

Sales of the Neon were strong for Dodge in the 1990s and early 2000s. This vehicle was constantly upgraded and received a turbo edition in 2003. The SRT 4 edition was produced as a 2.4 displacement edition for performance vehicle enthusiasts. While this engine was produced in-house by Dodge, these can be hard to locate through some online sellers. The SRT 4 engine for sale in our current inventory provides you with the OEM condition you expect only in a used edition. This UsedEngines.co resource for used motors is your low priced source to find a quality replacement. The production of the SRT 4 vehicle lasted only until 2005. The original development of the engine was the same base as the PT Cruiser. The modifications that were put into the turbo edition helped separate the two types. The preowned condition engines found here offer more than just a low price. Our company is a professional company. This means we have a real toll-free number. Our experts answer calls quickly. We have a real brick and mortar location. There are plenty of used engines companies online. We’re different in most ways. SRT 4 Engine for Sale Price Drop Waiting for a low price can feel like forever. Some companies publish retail list pricing and stick to that model. Trying to find a source for discounts is complicated. There are many good deals online although many exclude the cost of shipping. Our price drops for the preowned Dodge motors in stock are now legendary. We’re able to lower prices and eliminate or reduce shipment fees. These are examples of the ways that we’ve built our company online. Dealing with professionals to find used Dodge SRT motors will […]

Used Ford 3.8 Engine

Ford produced several variants of its Essex engine through the 1980s and 1990s before its retirement. The 3.8 had its first introduction in the 1982 year and updates quickly followed for other vehicles. The early introduction in the F-Series pickups was responsible for this engine receiving consumer confidence that lasted until the termination of this engine size. The UsedEngines.co company is a source for used Ford engines online. The motors that are sold here include the Ford 3.8 engine and other Essex types ready for immediate installation. The V6 base of this engine was retained while other engine sizes were increased to V8. Special edition Taurus vehicles, Thunderbird, Cougar, LTD, Windstar and Capri made use of the 3.8 during its production run. The preowned motors that are sold on this website are quality. This means the motors are bought from respected sources. The buyers purchasing here know the importance of quality. What matters is customer satisfaction. Ford 3.8 Engine Evaluated Before Sale Engine evaluations are important to longevity. These are crucial at this company. Locating a problem before shipment can prevent unsatisfied customers. A thorough inspection is made of each motor in stock. The 3.8, 4.6, 5.4 and other Ford variants for sale are included. The inner and out workings of each engine is compared with OEM spec data. Finding a preowned engine seller is easy. What is not easy is getting quality for each dollar spent. The motors sold here give quality and performance. This unrivaled service is only a portion of the incentives given. The 3.8 Ford engine inventory carried here is shipped expertly. This means our professionals handle each request. Orders come in through this website and by telephone. Order processing is […]

Cheap Honda Engines

Cheap means something different to everyone. Some engine sellers market cheap prices. One drawback to buying cheap is usually high mileage. The VTEC and non-VTEC Honda motors that are found from this website provide a cheap price and remain high quality. The cheap Honda engines sold here are ready for instant installation. Our JDM motor resource here at http://usedengines.co provides customers in North America and Canada with a reliable resource. The various Honda motors in I4 and V6 size are currently found inside our warehouse ready to be quoted and shipped immediately. Do you own a Honda Civic? Are you searching for a motor for an Integra? What is the engine used in the Honda Accord? These are questions our company can answer. We’ve assembled a highly trafficked resource center here. Our staff provides accurate engine information for each motor sold. We buy JDM engines in preowned condition. These are the only types sold from our Honda inventory. Each motor acquired is inspected for low mileage. What matters is quality. We’ll promise low prices and give low mileage engines. Each motor now in our warehouse is ready for immediate installation upon delivery. Each Japanese Domestic Motor is priced accordingly based on year, mileage and other essential factors. Cheap Honda Engines with a Warranty Warranty coverage is usually left out of preowned engine sales on the Internet. Our company always gives warranties. Our coverage is constantly monitored. Our team weekly updates the policy documentation attached with each engine for sale. Buying a JDM motor at a discount price with a warranty is hard to come by. This used engines resource provides customers, mechanics, junkyards and other buyers with better engine choices. Our company has developed a […]

4.6 Engine for Sale

Ford is known for producing excellent V8 engines. Aside from General Motors, Ford is one of the leading producers of motors in the United States. One of the most popular V8 engines introduced in 1991 was the SOHC 4.6. The Lincoln Town Car was one of first vehicles to use this high-powered engine. This motor was one of the replacements for the Windsor that was fazed out during this time. Our usedengines.co resource online provides the 4.6 engine for sale that many customers cannot find through other dealers. Our company sells these motors cheap and we still maintain quality. The 4.6 was one of the leading engines of the 1990s for the Ford, Mercury and Lincoln divisions. These motors can be between 2 and 4 valves. The base horsepower level is just under 200. There are different valve modifications that can be made to increase the horsepower ratio. Our company acquires preowned Ford engines in great condition. These engines do not need additional work for install. There are plenty of auction engines around. The motors coming into our warehouse arrive from Ford dealerships and other sources. The quality remains high for all used motors that we sell. 4.6 Engine for Sale Shipped Same Day The period of waiting after engines are ordered can be one frustration. A V8 motor is not always shipped same day by retailers. The 4.6 engines that are sold from our company receive same day shipping. We know the struggles of dealing with online sellers. We provide rapid shipping to alleviate the waiting. We’ve built a superior team of engine experts. These experts are in complete control of all used for engines departing our warehouse. Expedited shipping and same day processing […]