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Mazda MPV 3.0L Engine

Mazda debuted its MPV van in 1989. It used a 3.0L engine. This V6 was powerful and built specifically for minivan usage. It was only 2WD, but no one really noticed. The most common block found is a VIN 2 8th digit from most dealers. It was the base installations. Buy a Mazda MPV 3.0L engine right on our auto parts website here for cheap. Specs of the 3.0-liter Motor A maximum of 200 horsepower was put into the original J motor platform. The first generation units that came from Japan held a different block. The features, specs and components were all identical. Mazda made a decision in the second generation to ship MPV minivans with a better 3.0L motor known as the AJ. The three-door and four-door vans were all 2WD. This production style lasted until the year 1999. Options were a four-speed automatic transmission or the upgraded 5-speed manual. Both of these editions were built for operation with the V6. Unlike rival automakers, a four-cylinder design was never offered in the van series. Replacing an MPV Engine Most of the people who seek out a way to swap a block do so because of a malfunctioned part. It is very common to blow the heads or cause other damage during usage. Even though import builds are reliable, they are susceptible to many of the known issues that domestic motors have. In comparison, a low mileage 3.0-liter is often preferred. UsedEngines.co supplies a plan for warranty coverage. These are meant to sway even the choosiest of motor buyers. When price is not high on the list, durability of the OEM parts usually is. We guarantee what we sell to be almost like dealership quality. […]

Pontiac Sunfire 2.2L Engine

The LN2 was used in the Sunfire by Pontiac as its 2.2-liter motor. The year was 1995 and Chrysler was expanding its fleet of sedan and coupe vehicles. With success already achieved with a TBI based block, the Pontiac Sunfire 2.2L engine still prospered. UsedEngines.co retails used inventory for older vehicles at a cheaper than retail price. OHV 2.2-Liter Motors Two installations were offered for Sunfire automobiles. The overhead valve 2.2 was the first edition. It had already been used in similar classes of motor vehicles. Even though the fuel system was outdated, it did not deter people from buying it. The block has a 134 cubic inch displacement. It could reach up to 115 hp to 120 hp at its very top speed. Ecotec technology finally made its was into the Pontiac division in the year 2002. The SE and the GT trim versions had this motor as an option. There were alternative engines used during the final production years of the Sunfire sedan, convertible and coup cars. These are retailed here although will require changes made in the database to match the VIN. Used I4 Pontiac Engines Buyers who are not afraid of junk yard car parts make purchases here. Mileage is what usually scares people away. There are some pretty poor condition builds listed on auction websites. What people really want is to go to a trusted source. Even a verification of moderate mileage is better than nothing. Our term of warranty protection lasts for a few years. We taken steps to rise above the scrap heap of retailers in the parts business. By extending our normal terms, we have been able to grow a higher number of shoppers. There are few […]

Plymouth Grand Voyager 2.5L Engine

The K engine in the Grand Voyager is a 2.5L displacement. Plymouth brand vehicles were using this block in the year 1984. To capitalize on the minivan movement, Chrysler made several installations of its 4-cylinder motor. The Plymouth Grand Voyager 2.5L engine for sale on this website is not the diesel version. This was a separately built edition. Specs of the Chrysler K Motor There were installations of Mitsubishi engines during the production run of the Grand Voyager. The first editions only had the four-cylinder configuration, but these were OEM builds. Only the V6 was a foreign unit under the partnership agreement. The 8:1 compression was pretty respected in terms of the 2.5-liter block. The horsepower ranged about 100 in the base and LE trim vans. This power level was all that someone would get when topping our the RPM. At this point in the Plymouth family, the K motor was the leading force in the domestic auto industry. The smaller size block was the favored installation until the switch was made to the 3.3. and 3.5. People who shop on the web using this website are in luck. All variants of the Grand Voyager series motors can be ordered without delay. Reliability of 2.5-Liter Van Engines There are few publicly reported issues that were associated with the Plymouth 2.5. Some people reported timing belt or ball bearing problems that were ultimately fixed locally. When it comes to evaluating the manufacturing, the used 2.5L van motors on sale here in good shape. These get good gas mileage. These are preferred over the larger V6. A plan for warranty coverage is underwritten and distributed here. Consumers trying to find a cheap way to swap a 2.5L […]

Jeep Wrangler 2.5L Engine

AMC built the first 2.5L engine in 1984 in the USA. It was used in the Wrangler and other Jeep automobiles. The most popular were the YJ and TJ vehicles. As a straight four-cylinder block, the OHV design did not limit the output during usage. Even though Chrysler took over production, the Jeep Wrangler 2.5L engine can still be found in used condition. Buy these here. 150 CID Wrangler Motor The 2.5-liter was a strong 4-cylinder. It had compress almost like a V6. The first models were outputting around 9:1 ratios while later builds were updated with 9:2. The cubic inch displacement remained at 150 for all units produced. Before the PowerTech was standard inside of a Jeep, drivers loved the 2.5-liter. The VIN number helps to establish what version of the block can be ordered. The original stock utilized a carburetor system. This was changed to a throttle body type and then later to electronic fuel injection. This had little impact on the performance of the AMC 150 motor. The cast iron block performed the best at around 5000 RPM. The hydraulic lifters did a good job of not limiting the power. In general, the Jeep Wrangler engine achieved around 125 horsepower. This was regarded as quite an achievement for a straight 4-cylinder. Wrangler 2.5 Block Warranty Anything that people buy here is covered for a number of years. These are not cheap eBay units. The very best Jeep junk yards are the resources we tap to procure our used Wrangler 2.5 motors. Closing the deal often means making compromises. Our extension of the factory warranty to a term of 36 months is our commitment. The parts and the labor are under coverage. What […]

Chevy Venture 3.4L Motor

The roots of the Venture van by Chevy can be traced to the 1980s. The manufacturing of futuristic automobiles is part of the engineering process. By the time 1996 rolled around, General Motors was ready to unveil its new minivan to the world. Under the hood was the very used Chevy Venture 3.4L engine that we sell online. These blocks are all OEM versions. LA1 V6 Venture Motor Specs The horsepower topped out at 185 in the final V6 form. The 3.4-liter, also called the 3400 motor, was already famous in brands like Pontiac in the USA. General Motors ended up replacing this motor in 2005, but nearly a decade of manufacturing was already in place. There is nothing that is unique about the Chevy 3.4 block. It still used a four-speed automatic transmission just like other vehicles in the GM fleet. The trim variations were limited as well. Every person had access to the base edition while the LS or LT were luxurious. The Trans Port and the Montana vans were variations of the Chevrolet Venture. The thing that all of these models had in common was the V6 block inside. PreownedEngines.com inventory posted on this page is in original condition. Venture Van Motor Warranties It is a little scary buying parts on the used market. There is no authority that provides a level of trust in most markets. What people who swap a 3.4-liter end up doing is putting price tags over quality builds. In order to save the most money, changing out one high mileage motor for another often takes place. We do things different here. Yes, we sell Chevy junk yard V6 inventory. This is far from an indication that what […]

Ford Explorer Sport Trac Engine

The 4.0L engine at Ford was used in the Sport Trac trucks. This was a concept vehicle based on a truck and a full-size sport utility vehicle. The ever-popular Cologne V6 was the perfect for the huge size. The first generation of production for the Ford Explorer Sport Trac engine is regarded as the best editions. A second hand version can be ordered here daily. SOHC 4.0L Motor Specs The Sport Trac underwent a slight name change after the 2002 year. The Explorer moniker was no longer attached to the official name. Even though the motor was the same, Ford did experiment with a larger build after 2005. The Modular 4.6L was an alternative block to the standard 4.0-liter V6 engine. The XLT and XLS trim each performed at about 210 horsepower. This was pretty standard for the OHV 6-cylinder. Manufacturing never entered the mass production phase, but many people have been loyal fans of the Explorer Sport Trac concept. The fuel tanks held about 20 gallons of fuel, but the MPG was a little lower. This is because of the push rod motor block. Before electronic systems became standard, a decrease in miles per gallon was usually recognized. All UsedEngines.co used Explorer 4.0 motors for sale on this portal are operational. Replacement Sport Track Engines We back up all of what is displayed here with warranty coverage. We support the full lineup of Ford Motor Company products. Some consumers do look for rebuilt 4.0-liter block although we no longer retail these. We have switched only to secondary market editions. A certification by our team is always given before we put something on this website to sell. A dependable 36-month plan for warranty coverage is […]

Chrysler Concorde 2.7L Engine

The LH engine was used in the Concorde by Chrysler starting in 1998. This block was the foundation of performance for luxury and sedan automobiles. The 60-degree design is one of the most famous in the company’s history. With its aluminum heads, the Chrysler Concorde 2.7L engine is equipped for reliable speeds. A used variant is for sale here online. 2.7L EER Motor Specs What some people do not know is that the 2.7-liter 4-cylinder is American made. These were built in the U.S. and were all DOHC. The horsepower was respected since it was typically rated for about 200 hp. The final year that Chrysler used the 2.7 in the Concorde was 2004. There were some factory problems that resulted in some recalls for the I4 series. Clogging of the EGR valve lead to oil sludge issues that were eventually corrected. It was not just the sedan automobiles that were affected. It was the entire lineup across Dodge brands too. All in all, the Concorde was a decent car that had a reliable motor. Owners of these vehicles who might need to replace the motor due to high mileage or bad parts can place orders online. Apart from places like eBay, we are one of the last sources carrying this stock. Used LH Engine Warranty Ordering inventory from a known source cuts out the risk of OEM components failing. With a respected warranty plan, a consumer will be covered should a part go bad. Chrysler engines for sale on this page all come with a 36-month warranty plan. No one pays to activate the service. It comes figured into our low selling price. Parts and labor for a used Concorde motor is included. In […]

Chevy Corsica 2.2L Engine

The Corsica is just one Chevy car that used a 2.2L engine in the 1990s. Just like its sister automobile, the Tempest, the two-door sedan was pretty popular. GM took what it learned from earlier builds and applied it to the motors found in later vehicles. Let us sell you a Chevy Corsica 2.2L engine in used condition from this auto parts portal. LM3 Motor Specs The RPO LM3 refers to the 2.2-liter 4-cylinder. There were multiple builds where each one had a different fuel system. The first builds for the Chevrolet Corsica were throttle body injection. The cubic inch displacement was 134. The base horsepower is about 95. The LM2 was added in the year 1992. This was the fuel injection version of the 2.2 motor. The horsepower on this edition is a little better than the original. Around 120 hp is what is usually received for a used LM2 engine. In 1986, the Corsica was upgraded with a V6 block. This was the last and final production period for the four-cylinder models. These are still found through auction centers and secondary resources like our company. Warranties for 2.2L Chevy Engine We have a standard plan in place for every buyer. A 36-month written plan that protects almost all of the factory parts is provided. These are attached for every buyer, and not just adults who live in the United States. We pay for the labor and parts replacement if something breaks during the term. This phase of coverage does not come with a retail cost. It is added to our selling price. It is our policy to try and combine freight into the price tag too. Depending on how the four-cylinder blocks are […]

Chevy Suburban 5.7L Engine

The Suburban by Chevy had used a 5.7L engine for decades. Even back in the late 1970s, the 350 CID blocks were installed. The large size SUV has always been a winner in the global auto industry. GM has done great things when it comes to updated technology for its gasoline fleet. A special price for a used Chevy Suburban 5.7L engine is found on this page. Small-Block 5.7L Specs The Suburban hit its stride in the early 1990s. The L05 and the L31 were commonly placed under the hood of the baddest SUVs on the block. Because gas mileage was a concern, the outdated small-block models were switched over to the more efficient Vortec brand. The 5700 V8 is the last of the Generation I manufacturing. General Motors made a decision to stop using the equipped 5.7-liter in favor of the tinier V8. Even though this did not sit well with current owners, the change was inevitable. Used Chevy Suburban Blocks Mechanics and drivers who swap out V8 size motors are pretty comfortable with the word used. It is the people that think only rebuilt is superior that have a lot to learn about second hand auto parts. Since there is no national standard for salvage yard motors, overall satisfaction can be all over the place. We do judge condition, operation and age when we take in inventory to resell. This cuts out some of the regular issues that someone could get into when buying a used 5.7-liter engine elsewhere. A direct certification is made with our preowned inventory to guarantee condition. Suburban Motors with Warranties Three years is what to expect for a term of coverage here. We buy from GM junk yards […]

Used Chevy Malibu 2.4L Engine

The Malibu by Chevy used a 2.4L engine when it was known as the Chevrolet Classic. This LD9 block was the standard I4 installation. This twin cam motor got its start in the Cavalier. It begin to show up in compact cars as early as 1997. Before a person buys a used Chevy Malibu 2.4L engine, it helps to find out there are two options available. Each of these can be ordered here online. 2.4L Malibu Motor Specs The 16-valve 2.4L is a DOHC block. The top speed that it can achieve is around 169 horsepower. This is due to the fixed 6400 RPM. The compression of 9:7 is pretty much standard on the inline four-cylinder base. Sequential fuel injection was a big part of the fuel savings that owners of the Chevrolet Malibu cars received. In the production year 2000, GM revised its 2.4-liter motor with a new design. This was the development of the LE5. The emergence of variable valve timing could not be ignored. It was already being installed by Honda and several rival automakers. A separate LAT RPO code is used to identify a hybrid series four-cylinder. The gasoline version and the hybrid version at what can be ordered here. Someone must provide a matched VIN number in our database to differentiate the fuel options. Non-Turbo 4-Cylinder Engine The Chevrolet Malibu cars are now being made with a turbocharged engine. This should not be confused with the 2.4 blocks listed on sale here. The newly equipped 2.0-liter is separate. These are Generation III installations that will not fit the standard motor mounts in the base Malibu cars. The second hand Ecotec motors that UsedEngines.co sells here are fully warranted. We give […]