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SRT 4 Engine for Sale

Sales of the Neon were strong for Dodge in the 1990s and early 2000s. This vehicle was constantly upgraded and received a turbo edition in 2003. The SRT 4 edition was produced as a 2.4 displacement edition for performance vehicle enthusiasts. While this engine was produced in-house by Dodge, these can be hard to locate through some online sellers. The SRT 4 engine for sale in our current inventory provides you with the OEM condition you expect only in a used edition. This UsedEngines.co resource for used motors is your low priced source to find a quality replacement. The production of the SRT 4 vehicle lasted only until 2005. The original development of the engine was the same base as the PT Cruiser. The modifications that were put into the turbo edition helped separate the two types. The preowned condition engines found here offer more than just a low price. Our company is a professional company. This means we have a real toll-free number. Our experts answer calls quickly. We have a real brick and mortar location. There are plenty of used engines companies online. We’re different in most ways. SRT 4 Engine for Sale Price Drop Waiting for a low price can feel like forever. Some companies publish retail list pricing and stick to that model. Trying to find a source for discounts is complicated. There are many good deals online although many exclude the cost of shipping. Our price drops for the preowned Dodge motors in stock are now legendary. We’re able to lower prices and eliminate or reduce shipment fees. These are examples of the ways that we’ve built our company online. Dealing with professionals to find used Dodge SRT motors will […]

Dodge Charger Engine

Dodge Charger engine was created in multiple formations in 2005. Chrysler decided to produce the Charger after decades of it sitting vacant. The production run lasted until 2010. The first formation of the V6 engine that was selected was the 2.7. This same engine was used in editions like the Chrysler 300. This powerful V6 offered a slightly scaled back version of what was to come in the 2006 year. Getting your hands on one of these Charger engines in used condition is easy here at http://www.usedengines.co. You’ll pay the low price that you want to own one. Since the 2.7 is just the base model, a 3.5 V6 was the next upgrade in line. This engine was not as popular as the 5.7 V8 Hemi that engine buyers preferred. This successful engine was used to boost the horsepower above the V6 capacity. Buyers of the Charger got the chance to sample this engine during the 5 years the Charger held this motor. You’ve come to the right resource online to find a replacement engine. We’re likely the nation’s largest used engines inventory and sell right from this website. We know how to treat customers and don’t have quality issues. Dodge Charger Engine Specs Some engine sellers that distribute engines online explain nothing about the specs. We feel that educating customers about what they pay for is one of our secrets to building great relationships. The V6 and V8 sizes that are available have OEM specs. These might be preowned engines but they are not crate engines. The motors we’re selling were built in Dodge factories. It is essential that this quality issue be addressed due to the amount of Charger engine sellers that sell […]

Used Dodge Dakota 3.9L Engines

Dodge Dakota came to life in 1987 and remained until 2011. What this pickup truck series offered was a lot more power. The S10 and Ford Ranger made use of smaller 4-cylinder engines as the base power engine. The Dakota started things off with more horsepower and quickly changed to a V6. The 3.9L V6 Dodge engines that are found inside our warehouse make great replacements. One thing you’ll find about our used Dodge Dakota 3.9L engines is that they are sold for a great price. These engines are picked up for a steal of a price and offered to our customers with no markup applied. Dodge used two versions of its 3.9L V6 during the production run of the Dakota. The first was the 180 horsepower LA engine. This base was the first design and it was used until the early 1990s. The creation of the Jeep inspired Magnum engine happened in 1993. The 3.9L was used in many Jeeps and was switched over for use in the Dakota. The newly named Magnum was offered until the PowerTech replaced it. We have the two unique 3.9L engines for sale here always at great used prices. There is no struggle required to get the price you want to pay here at http://www.usedengines.co. Used Dodge Dakota 3.9L Engines We get and offer great deals on Dodge V6 engines. We have a dedicated staff of engine experts that work here. We give a complete satisfaction guarantee to each customer that orders engines from our company. We don’t have to deal with sale prices because our engines are always discounted. The same price that someone pays today is what is charged tomorrow. We’ve become one of the hidden […]

Used Dodge Avenger Engines

Dodge Avenger was created by Chrysler in 1995 to go up against its Neon. Dodge had its line of economy cars but no sports sedans. The Avenger came along right at the tail end of the Mitsubishi-Chrysler company known as Diamond Star. Like the Neon did before it, the Avenger made use of the 4-cylinder 2.0L engine as the base model. The partnership with Mitsubishi laid the groundwork for the Avenger to have a 2.5L turbocharged engine. We have all of the versions of these used Dodge Avenger enginesin stock and ready for free shipment to your U.S. location. Chrysler retired the Avenger in 2000 although it came back for the late 2007 year. It was rebranded with a total of 3 new V6 engines. It was clear to Chrysler what type of engines the owners of the Avenger were demanding. These changes are what helped to bring this vehicle back to life. The near 200 horsepower is now standard for the base series engines. We are able to get our hands on these engines used. We do this using our professional relationships. There is nothing that we cannot find in stock from one of our distributors or wholesalers that provide our engines to us. Used Dodge Avenger Engines Buying Dodge engines from the Internet does not have to be frustrating for you. We put a lot into making our company something special. We feel that by working a little harder that all of our customers will have a much better buying experience here. Our daily commitment includes finding clean engines that we can purchase and resell. We are not selling rebuilt motors. The condition of a Dodge Avenger engine is important to us. We […]

Dodge Aries Used Engines

Dodge Aries arrived in 1981 and earned a decade of sales figures to prove its success to the world. Both the Aries and Reliant were mid-size passenger cars that were marketed to individuals and to families that wanted more legroom. The standard 4-cylinder engine was great for fuel mileage on city and suburban streets and sales soured for the Aries. The secret behind its success was the 2.2L and 2.5L engines that were placed inside. We have these Dodge Aries used engines right now waiting to be shipped. Get the lowest used Dodge engine prices here at www.usedengines.co and stop paying too much online. The Dodge and Plymouth vehicles created in the ’80s set the pace for the revival of Chrysler Motor Company. The problems with bankruptcy in this decade were reversed with Aries sales and other vehicle sales under the Plymouth name. Cars that were later introduced in the 1990s included the Neon and Sundance that carried on the tradition set by the Reliant and Aries. The used engines for sale that we have are not cheap reproductions. There is a lot of that stuff going around on the preowned engines market. Engines from our company are nothing less than OEM. Dodge Aries Used Engines with a Warranty If you think warranties are not often sold with used engines, you have obviously been shopping in the wrong places online. We do not run and hide after a customer makes a purchase. We remain in total confidence because we don’t have to file any claims for warranties here. A Dodge engine from our company almost always qualifies for extension of the original warranty. No matter how many miles get on an engine, something can go wrong […]

Dodge Caliber 2.4L Used Engines

Dodge Caliber engines can be either 2.4L or 2.0L. We sell each of these Chrysler engines although we know the 2.4L is most popular. The Caliber is a new concept vehicle from Chrysler. Dodge used coupes and compact cars to dominate the 1990s and wanted something different for the 2000s. The hatchback design of the Caliber provides a sleek look without taking away from the drivability. When you want Dodge Caliber 2.4L used engines, now you know exactly where you can find them for a super cheap price. You can find any engine you need right here at www.usedengines.co. If you don’t know anything about our company yet, you are in for a lot of good surprises. Did you know that we have the largest Chrysler online inventory? Did you know that 50% of our business is to salvage, junkyard and warranty centers? Did you know that our pricing is among the lowest for a used engine online? There are many things you will find out when you become our customer that will assure you that you are dealing with experts. We are not in the business to sell engines. We offer engines and help support these engines for the entire time they are owned. Dodge Caliber 2.4L Used Engines Our used engines should not scare you. The word used to us means something of good value. The word used to others usually means a dirty engine that is sold for whatever they can get out of it. Those sellers can run a business however they like. We are engine professionals and what is sitting in our inventory deserves to be there. We are not desperate and take any deal that comes our way. There would […]

Dodge Ram Wagon 3.9L Used Engines

The Dodge Ram Wagon 3.9L engines are probably the most popular installment in the Ram Wagon. These engines were mass produced from the late 1980s until 2003. We still have quite a large stock of these engines and we have no problem getting more of them. The Ram Wagon was unique because it was made for passengers. It was unlike the work van model that was produced from 1972 onward. The Wagon had room for 8 to 12 people and was powered by either a V6 or V8 engine. Searching online for Dodge Ram Wagon 3.9L used engines is frightening if you do not know anything about the seller where you choose to buy. We are America’s number one Dodge seller on the Internet. You have no problems here. Dodge vans are powerful and the engines that are produced are one of Dodge’s many achievements through the years. When purchasing online engines, you have to consider the age of the engine as well as the condition that it is in. Not every owner of an engine does the regular maintenance that is required for avoiding problems. Many sellers are actually selling for someone else and it is these third party engine deals that cause the most problems. Our engines come from one or two distributors and that’s all. We know these people and have done business with them for many years. We trust their motors and these are what we put in our warehouse. Tested Dodge Ram Wagon 3.9L Used Engines Do you know what a dyno test is in the engine business? Some people do and some do not. People that know put a lot of faith in this type of testing because they know […]

Dodge D250 Used Engines for Sale

Before the present day Dodge Ram, the Dodge D250 is what truck lovers turned to when they wanted an alternative to Ford and Chevy. Dodge proudly offered 3 separate engines in the D and B series pickup trucks. The smaller 3.9L V6 was the entry level engine and it still dominates many of these Dodge trucks today. Buyers had the option to upgrade to the 5.2L V8 or the 5.9L Cummins diesel. We have these Dodge 250 used engines for sale and ready to ship. What we offer is a very low price without any less quality. We are one of the largest Dodge engine dealers on the Internet. Used engines are a great way for you to save money except you should be aware of where you purchase one. There are literally hundreds of websites and online auctions that offer used engines for sale. The biggest difference between our company and the rest is that we are a professional engine dealer. We buy from distributors and dealerships and then resell engines to salvage companies and average people. Our network of customers spans worldwide and we do not sell anything on auction websites. If you want our engines, you have to go through us and we don’t sell motors for other people. Tested Dodge D250 Used Engines for Sale  One factor in determining how long your engine will last is the phases of testing that can be done to prove it. Since many companies do not invest in testing, you can be pretty sure what you are buying is not something that will last. Our testing process is done by computer and by visual inspections. We use both to give our customers double assurance that […]

Dodge Dynasty 3.3L Used Engines

Dodge Dynasty uses the 3.3L V6 engines just like many of the Chrysler produced luxury and passengers cars. Much of the ’90s was ruled by Dodge and its reliance on the 3.3L engine for cars that needed a little extra horsepower. The Dynasty might have only lasted for 5 production years, but the 3.3L engine continues to live on in Dodge’s inventory. Just like Dodge, we have Dodge Dynasty 3.3L used engines right in our warehouse. We offer these engines at a low price. We can figure out why you came to our website. What you don’t know yet is how great our engines really are and how much less you’ll pay. Keep reading. When you desperately need to find a used engine, the first thing that you must understand is that used can mean several different things. We’ve witnessed engines that were labeled as used sold online and these should have been described as abused. Customer service and our reputation mean the world to us. Engines in our inventory that bare our name and Dodge are all evaluated and tested before they are catalogued for sale. Since we know the companies that sell us engines, we don’t have to spend time worrying if we made the right decision. The same is true for our customers. No worries. Just great 3.3L engines for sale. Expert Tested Dodge Dynasty 3.3L Used Engines  We like our mechanics. We like them a lot. We pay them well and they do a hard but thorough job. Our love for our mechanics does not mean that we go strictly by their opinion when engines are evaluated. It is hard to beat our dyno testing because that is where the problems […]

Dodge Grand Caravan Used Engines

Dodge introduced its Grand Caravan at the auto shows in 1986. It was an instant hit and a luxury upgrade from the standard Caravan. The 3.3L engine was added near the tail end of the first generation of the Grand Caravan design. Over 4 generations and designs later, the 3.3L is still running strong. We have Dodge Grand Caravan used engines for a price you can afford. Our Dodge engines inventory includes the 3.8L as well. Dodge has made the minivan a household name and there are millions of Caravans that are used on the road everyday in the world. One thing about Dodge engines in our inventory is they priced right and shipped fast. Used engines are a great way to save yourself some money. It is an expensive venture to replace an engine with a brand new one regardless of where it is purchased. There are rarely discounts offered when you purchase a new Chrysler engine. The cost can easily exceed the value of most used Dodge vehicles. Pricing is one of our features that our customers love the most. We are able to spend our money wisely and buy excellent Chrysler engines in used condition. Each V6 engine that we purchase is bought only from companies that we trust and have long-term relationships with in the engine community. Certified Dodge Grand Caravan Used Engines  Buying anything related to a vehicle that is not certified can be a bad decision. Are eBay engines certified? What about Craigslist? No they are not. If you are a savvy engine buyer and read online forums, you will find out quickly that putting your money into a reputable engine company is best. All of our Dodge mechanics […]