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2.3 Duratec Engine for Sale

Ford knows when it builds something special. The secret development of the Duratec engine base in the early 2000s is proof of this. The codes 23 and 25 are used to differentiate the different engines that are now in used by Ford for its vehicles. The 2.3 Duratec engine for sale listed here online is a genuine build. These preowned engines are purchased through a network of Ford engine suppliers in the U.S. The 2.3 and 2.5 are both offered for sale on this website. Ford uses its manufacturing plants in Mexico and in Michigan to build the Duratec brand of motors. The Ford Ranger is one of the first builds to receive the I4 Duratec. The success of this pairing lasted until 2011. Other popular vehicles that use the 2.3 series include the Focus, Escape, Milan, Tribute, Mariner, Fusion and Mazda B-Series. The consistent development of the Duratec brand of motors has helped introduce a larger V6 edition in later vehicle builds. Buy 2.3 Duratec Engines with a Full Warranty Not many things go wrong with Ford engine builds if these motors are cared for properly. Parts do wear with time though and some people could be faced with a huge decision. Buying a used engine from an auction company is one of these decisions. Not paying attention to the warranty received upon purchase could cost a person a lot of extra time and money. We prevent used disasters here at UsedEngines.co. All 2.3 or subsequent 2.5 Duratec preowned engines are paired with our own full warranty plans. These plans are provided as a safety net for all engine buyers. Do these plans cover all parts? The answer is no. We’re unable to cover […]

Used Ford 3.8 Engine

Ford produced several variants of its Essex engine through the 1980s and 1990s before its retirement. The 3.8 had its first introduction in the 1982 year and updates quickly followed for other vehicles. The early introduction in the F-Series pickups was responsible for this engine receiving consumer confidence that lasted until the termination of this engine size. The UsedEngines.co company is a source for used Ford engines online. The motors that are sold here include the Ford 3.8 engine and other Essex types ready for immediate installation. The V6 base of this engine was retained while other engine sizes were increased to V8. Special edition Taurus vehicles, Thunderbird, Cougar, LTD, Windstar and Capri made use of the 3.8 during its production run. The preowned motors that are sold on this website are quality. This means the motors are bought from respected sources. The buyers purchasing here know the importance of quality. What matters is customer satisfaction. Ford 3.8 Engine Evaluated Before Sale Engine evaluations are important to longevity. These are crucial at this company. Locating a problem before shipment can prevent unsatisfied customers. A thorough inspection is made of each motor in stock. The 3.8, 4.6, 5.4 and other Ford variants for sale are included. The inner and out workings of each engine is compared with OEM spec data. Finding a preowned engine seller is easy. What is not easy is getting quality for each dollar spent. The motors sold here give quality and performance. This unrivaled service is only a portion of the incentives given. The 3.8 Ford engine inventory carried here is shipped expertly. This means our professionals handle each request. Orders come in through this website and by telephone. Order processing is […]

4.6 Engine for Sale

Ford is known for producing excellent V8 engines. Aside from General Motors, Ford is one of the leading producers of motors in the United States. One of the most popular V8 engines introduced in 1991 was the SOHC 4.6. The Lincoln Town Car was one of first vehicles to use this high-powered engine. This motor was one of the replacements for the Windsor that was fazed out during this time. Our usedengines.co resource online provides the 4.6 engine for sale that many customers cannot find through other dealers. Our company sells these motors cheap and we still maintain quality. The 4.6 was one of the leading engines of the 1990s for the Ford, Mercury and Lincoln divisions. These motors can be between 2 and 4 valves. The base horsepower level is just under 200. There are different valve modifications that can be made to increase the horsepower ratio. Our company acquires preowned Ford engines in great condition. These engines do not need additional work for install. There are plenty of auction engines around. The motors coming into our warehouse arrive from Ford dealerships and other sources. The quality remains high for all used motors that we sell. 4.6 Engine for Sale Shipped Same Day The period of waiting after engines are ordered can be one frustration. A V8 motor is not always shipped same day by retailers. The 4.6 engines that are sold from our company receive same day shipping. We know the struggles of dealing with online sellers. We provide rapid shipping to alleviate the waiting. We’ve built a superior team of engine experts. These experts are in complete control of all used for engines departing our warehouse. Expedited shipping and same day processing […]

Used Ford Fusion Engine

Ford Fusion was created in 2006. This vehicle is part of the new innovations put forth by the Ford Motor Company. This midsize vehicle is one of the first to be produced since the Thunderbird. Ford used two motors prominently inside of the Fusion. The 2.3 four-cylinder and the V6 3.0 Duratec were used. The Duratec engines are the newest type and include different technologies. The pricing for the preowned motors here at http://usedengines.co is intentionally kept low to provide the best resources for buyers replacing worn out engines in a compatible Ford vehicle. Buying a preowned motor is a smart choice. This choice can help reduce installation costs. Some buyers purchase from the wrong dealer and have a bad experience. These issues are not uncommon in the industry. Our company has secured four-cylinder and V6 variants from top distribution companies. These automotive experts ensure that all motors sold to our company are OEM units. This means that the 2.3 and 3.0 sold from our company is an exact replacement from Ford. These efforts are in contrast to auction engine sellers that typically provide motors that are higher mileage and lower quality overall. Ford Fusion Engine with Ecoboost Technology The Ecoboost technology was developed to preserve fuel mileage in V6 and higher motors. This expert technology is used in the Duratec brand of motors for the Fusion. Many of the newer fusion vehicles include this technology. The 3.0 and 3.5 are two of the most common installations of Ecoboost in the V6 size. The used motors that are shipped from this company provide accurate replacements. These replacements are sold to the public as well as trade industry companies depending on quality units. We are preowned […]

Used Ford V6 Engines

Ford V6 engines date back to the 1960s. The technology that this motor company has used through its lifespan is among the best. The engineers that work for Ford Motor Company help produce engines that are virtually unstoppable. This has helped to make names like the Essex, Vulcan, Cyclone and Duratec known worldwide. You can find that our Ford V6 engines on sale on this very website give you what you want. From experience we know this to be a low price, great condition and super fast shipment. Try out our company and you won’t be sorry. There are many variants of a motor that you’ll find when you start researching one. Like General Motors, Ford has kept up its manufacturing as it changes vehicle styles and designs. The OHV, SOHC and DOHC versions that you’ll find us selling match the OEM output required in the original specs. We pay attention to what is purchased here so that our customers don’t have to struggle to find something of quality. When it comes to warehousing and sending out engines, we know that we’re one of the best at completing this task online and offline. Ford V6 Engines in Stock  Aside form the new Ecoboost engines, you can easily find the old pushrod versions that are stocked here. Because we’re not an auction seller, what is brought into this warehouse for customers to buy is shipped instantly. Nothing is sold here that is the property of another seller. We don’t drop ship. We don’t do cross selling. We employ a complete motor buying team that scouts the country for the very best used prices we can find. It is then and only then that we decide to […]

Used Used Ford 3.0L Engines for Sale

Ford first used its new 3.0L Duratec in 1996. This engine was used in the Taurus and Sable vehicles. The upgrade form the older 4-cylinder engine was necessary. Car owners demanded that the Duratec engine produce a high range of horsepower. Ford delivered with the 3.0L and managed to get 282 solid horsepower. The original design was to take the place of the Essex 3.8L that was phased out in the mid 1990s. You’ll find that we’re one of the only sources online that has used Ford 3.0L engines for sale in our price range. We know what others sell for and we do the opposite. The 3.0L went on to be used in other vehicles co-produced by Ford. The Mazda MPV, Escape and Lincoln series all used this V6 engine. The power range of this motor is great and it is perfect for all vehicle styles. What you’ll find is that our used engines retain the longevity of the original Ford design. We know how important that a Ford nameplate is to the public. We don’t put any sacrifices on the quality of what is offered here. Customers expect to get OEM quality Ford motors and that’s exactly what we give. Used Ford 3.0L Engines for Sale You came here hoping that you’d find this engine in stock. We make a lot of people happy online thanks to our inventory. Did you know our used engine inventory is likely the largest in the U.S.? We’ve put years of time and development into our company. We know exactly what is expected by our customers. Our Ford customers are loyal and we always uphold the promises that we make. Each Ford V6 engine that enters our […]

Used Used Ford Excursion Engines

Ford Excursion rose to fame starting in 2000 when Ford introduced it as a full-size SUV. As a competitor to the Suburban and Yukon, the Excursion was an immediate hit with SUV buyers. The sheer size and the luxury amenities included in this vehicle was enough to win buyers over. What was under the hood put the features over the top for many buyers. The 5.4L V8 and 6.8L V10 were two of the engines used. You’ll find these used Ford Excursion engines for really low prices here in our inventory. We know how to sell quality engines for a cheaper price. The Triton engine base was something developed in the mid 1990s. Ford was transitioning away from its Modular engine design and needed a bigger engine. Sales of pickup trucks and SUVs started to dominate the sales numbers for Ford. The Triton V8 and V10 technologies were brought forth for buyers to sample. The production of these engines was so great that they are still easy for us to obtain. You don’t have to worry about trying to find a new engine when we can offer used Triton engines from Ford at a lower than standard price. We exist to help you find the engine you demand. Used Ford Excursion Engines  Ford did tryout diesel versions of the Excursion although these never sold as well. It is the 5.4L and 6.8L that you can find right now in our warehouse. The high horsepower of these engines is kept intact here. We don’t make changes and you’re not buying some rebuilt engines. What we sell are motors that are gently used and removed from actual Ford vehicles. These engines are always clean and always ready […]

Used Used Ford Engines for Sale

Ford engines include some of the most powerful and most world recognized designs. Ford has infiltrated every country on the planet with its vehicles. The number one selling element of all of these cars is the engines inside. Ford Motor Company remains the top U.S. automaker because they innovate and they gain consumer confidence. You’re here at www.usedengines.co because you want the best price on used Ford engines for sale and we give it to you. You’ll find our inventory to be the largest currently online of any engine dealer. Our prices are cheap and we include free shipping because it helps our loyal customers. Ford engines like the Modular, Cologne, Vulcan and Triton are legendary. The vision that Ford has had through the years to expand its engine department is amazing. Both gasoline and diesel engines are offered by Ford. We happen to have an assortment of these engines in our company warehouse. What makes used engines for sale here so great is our distributors. We work strictly with companies that provide us with valuable engines. We demand that engines are clean and have the lowest mileage that can be found on them. We succeed in our company based on this foundation of our Ford engine inventory. Used Ford Engines for Sale We sell F150, Ranger, E-Series, Taurus, Focus, Fusion and Escort engines to name a few. There are almost every make and model of engines available from our website. We have deals in place that allow our used engines to be discounted past regular selling prices. We do this for two reasons. The first is that our junkyard, mechanics and body shop customers often order from us in larger shipments. We are able […]

Used Used Ford Escort GT Engines

Ford Escort was created in 1981 and quickly got the attention of drivers worldwide. This compact car was great for fuel economy and filled a void desperately that was needed during the early ’80s recession. The original engine was the Ford CVH engine. This engine was small but it got the job done. It lasted until 1985 and Ford made additional power increases. The second generation Escorts are what most people remember. These included the Mazda B-series engine. It is these used Ford Escort GT engines that you can find for sale in our warehouse inventory. We’re always working hard to locate the best 1.8L used engines for Escort customers. Escort GT was one of the sport models that Ford experimented with in the mid 1990s. The Taurus was nearing the end of its run and Ford wanted a lower priced clone. The Escort GT was one of the models that were produced. The 1.8L engine was based on the Mazda platform. The famous B engine was used successfully in many versions of Ford cars through the years. There is no type of trade off between power and fuel economy standards with the 1.8L GT engine. We ship a lot of these to our customers that have used Ford cars. Used Ford Escort GT Engines  Searching for the phrase “used engines online” can bring up a lot of choices. Our website is positioned near the top of all search engine results for a reason. We are the number one supplier for used automobile, truck and SUV engines on the Internet. You don’t have to take what we tell you as the truth. You can find the same information doing a quick search. Our reputation is […]

Used Ford Grand Marquis Used Engines

Grand Marquis was sold under the Mercury brand of Ford automobiles. Luxury has always meant something to Ford and it has always been displayed in the cars produced. The creation of the Grand Marquis had just one goal to accomplish. Ford knew that buyers would respond to a V8 engine that had a reputation for good fuel mileage and power. The Grand Marquis quickly achieved the top spot among the competitors in the sedan market. You can get Ford Grand Marquis used engines right now from our huge warehouse inventory. We sell low and still give the best quality here at www.usedengines.com. The Romeo 4.6L V8 is what was used most often for the Grand Marquis. Other cars like the Town Car eventually started using this tried and true Ford Motor Company masterpiece. The modular engine was most commonly a 3 or 4-valve configuration.  The OHC design made it compatible with less than 20 different vehicles. Getting these engines used from an Internet retailer could be problematic unless they are buying from the same companies that we do. Putting a lot of effort into our inventory is one of the ways that we have built such a large offering of used engines for sale. Ford Grand Marquis Used Engines There is a later version of the V8 known as the 5.0L Coyote. This came to popularity inside of the Mustang although Ford made it available in sedans as well. There are some Marquis that have the 5.0. We make it easy to get this version too. You don’t have to feel uncomfortable about buying engines that are in a used condition from the Internet. We are a reputable dealer and have already completed the process […]