Used 1.9 Ford Engine

Ford built four versions of its 1.9L engine. Because there are many variants, locating the right model is not easy. In North America, the 4-cylinder was found in the Escort, Lynx, Tracer and LN7. On this auto website, a used 1.9 Ford engine is for sale.

How reliable are the 1.9 motors? Most people who already own these blocks will answer with a ‘very reliable’ answer. While the horsepower was lower than the V6, the regular I4 was a pretty good block. Ford Motor Company did a lot right when it mass produced the early Escort cars with the manual transmission.

Specs of the Different 1.9L Motors

In the year 1986, the 1.3, 1.4 and 1.6 were outdated. A decision was made to improve not only the power but the type of block. Over the next several years, Ford started building different models of its flagship four-cylinder motor.

Types of U.S. manufactured 1.9L engines:

– 1.9 CVH
– 1.9 SEPI
– 1.9 CVI
– 1.9 SPI

The differences include the way that fuel is brought to the motor. The emergence of fuel injection made it possible to build the central fuel injection (CFI) version. The sequential type was modeled for the SEPI block. The split port injection was the final build of the Ford 1.9-liter I4 engine.

Warranty for Used Ford Motors

It is no guarantee that when preowned automotive parts are purchased that a failure will not be imminent. There is years of abuse put on the average second hand part. Judging what is good and bad takes a little knowledge. The Ford junk yards where finds its inventory to sell to the public is always tested.

This has helped us create a parts warranty. Knowing if the valves are busted is a good idea. A gasket that leaks could hurt the way the motor performs. When getting ready to do a swap, the last thing someone needs is a mechanical problem. It is no easy task to remove a car engine.

Buy 1.9L Engines from Ford Here

As stated, everything on sale through our warehouse is second hand. While a test is performed to confirm quality, not every component is under a warranty. This is pretty standard nationwide. We do not charge for our included coverage plans. A direct and locked in price is quoted right from this page.

By using our automated price estimator, people will find out just how inexpensive it is to own a used 1.9L for motor. A call can be placed to our customer staff if other help is required. We are here to make it very easy to order or to inquire about our inventory.