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Who Can Forget the Ford Pinto?
The 1970s was the decade for subcompacts due to the oil embargo and an ever-changing attitude about car designs and engine efficiency. One of the most famous US subcompact entries was the immortal Ford Pinto. The Pinto went head-to-head with those early underpowered Japanese cars. The Japanese eventually discovered how to motivate car buyers and increase car sales. Used 2.3 Liter Ford 4 Cylinder Engines for Sale at below cost available, call now.

The Ford Pinto started out with an underpowered 4-cylinder combustion engine under the hood. The engine was available in displacements of 1.3 liter, 1.6, 1.8, and 2.0 liter belt-driven overhead camshaft models. Emission requirements forced Ford to replace those engines with DOHC and CVH engines in the 1980s. The 16 valve version of the DOHC engine is still being used in the Ford Transit model. The only direct descendant of the early Pinto engines is the YB 16 valve, which powers the Ford Sierra as well as the Ford Escort.

The OHC 2.3 liter engine was put under the hood of the Pinto in 1974 and was used in that model until 1997. Ford’s sales stayed consistent, because the company added variations of the 2.3 liter engine to keep up with Japanese engine technology. The 2.3 engine was called the “Lima” since the first engines rolled off the production lines of Ford’s Lima Ohio factory. Their Brazilian factory also produced versions of the 2.3 engine, especially when a modified version was used in the Mustang Cobra.

Maintenance Issues and a Changing Car Market Impact the 2.9 Litre Engine
There were some initial maintenance problems due to dealership training issues, but when the 1980s came rolling in the 2.3 liter was an inter-cooled, turbocharged 190 horsepower stepchild that had power in its advanced technological genes.

Mustangs and Cougars were equipped with the turbocharged 1980s style 2.3 liter engines, but sales were not as strong as expected. The car market was headed in another direction and Ford had to redesign its car lineup to keep the Japanese from taking their prominent sales spot in the auto industry.

In 1989, Ford introduced a dual spark version of the engine in the Ranger and the 1991 Mustang had the same engine, but the advent of SUV mania hurt standard car sales during those years. sells 2.3 liter Ford engines. Call or send us an email now so we can discuss your needs.