4.0 Ford Mustang Engine for Sale

The 4.0 motor that was used in the Mustang replaced the older 3.8 in 2005. Ford had already found a successful pairing with the Ranger and Explorer vehicles. The use of the older Cologne block boosted nationwide sales. UsedEngines.co has the finest inventory of 4.0 Ford Mustang engine for sale inventory featured online.

The Fifth Generation design of the Mustang was one of Ford’s best creations. Going with a regular 6-cylinder was a bit of a gamble. Some people complained that the V8 should have been the go-to choice. The 4.6 Modular series was eventually released for the mid 2006 GT.

Rebuilt Versus Crate Engines

People who do not buy used versions can seek two other options. These are not on sale here, but it helps to mention them. A crate engine of the 4.0 is available. These can be customized, and many aftermarket parts are available. People who have a little bit more money choose the remanufactured Cologne V6.

The 2007 and 2010 models are by far the most popular to own. The convertible, coupe and GT500 were all marketed to car lovers. For someone who wants a used 4.0 Mustang engine, we are happy to accommodate with a low price.

Compression Tested Ford V6 Motors

How does a person know if valves or gaskets leak? The answer is that they do not unless they test for these problems. The reality is that thousands of engines are sold on eBay annually. Probably none of these are tested by resellers. This starts off a chain reaction of future issues to deal with.

All in stock builds that will be shipped in North America from our warehouse go through testing. These tests do include part visual and part mechanical overviews. It is helpful to validate the camshaft, bearings and flywheel are all operating properly.

Find Used Mustang Engines Here

Whether someone goes with the Pony package or the Shelby, swapping one block for a newer one needs to be done cheaply. Regular shoppers do appreciate when money is saved. There are a lot of expenses that add up when changing out a Ford engine.

View prices for our 4.0 liter Ford Mustang engine blocks on this page. Go into our computer system and start tabulating a price. Every discount is ready for review. When decisions are made to place orders, our staff can be contacted. We accept calls by phone daily. Let us help you not get ripped off.