4.0L Ford Explorer Engine Used with Low Mileage

The Explorer hit the open road with a 4.0L engine in 1990. The development of this SUV and the modified Ranger were a success at Ford. Both the two-door and four-door editions had the front mounted OHV block inside. UsedEngines.co sells 4.0L Ford Explorer engines used with low mileage right from this website.

Cologne V6 SUV Blocks

Did you know the 4.0 was actually produced in Europe? One of the largest factories for automotive parts in the country of Germany was tapped to build the Cologne 6-cylinder. When people shop for a vintage V6, they usually mean this version.

Ford turned some heads in the 1997 year when it announced plans to retire the overhead valve motor. Development was started on the SOHC edition. The used Explorer engines that are on this website are either post 1990 or post 2003.

Second Generation Ford Motors

The Windsor V8 was the biggest block ever put inside of the Explorer. This was the premium model. Buyers who settled for the 6-cylinder edition still received a good value. The 2001, 2002 and later vehicles were all part of the late model expansion. The gas mileage as well as horsepower was improved.

About 205 hp was a big jump from the 160 of the earlier V6 builds. A Third Generation was built that added the Modular V8. Each of these editions had either a manual or automatic transmission attached. Mazda technology was utilized for this development.

Road Tested 4.0 Engines

A warranty alone does not convince most people to buy. Knowing that the motor is in good exterior condition does help. What really helps is when a road test or compression test is performed. Results from these tests are important. Adults who swap Explorer motors in garages or service centers appreciate being well-informed.

The partner suppliers that we use conduct a lot of tests. These include visual, computer and mechanical tests. The information is gathered and then a retail price is estimated. We are able to buy at a discount. Our team includes junk yards, scrap dealers and SUV dismantlers.

Buy Second Hand V6 Motors Here

In places like Louisville and St. Louis, there was a good supply of preowned 4.0 blocks. This is because of the automotive factories there built by Ford. As things changed and facilities moved, it became harder to find good inventory. Our goal of creating this website was to create the biggest network for consumers to shop.

All of the variations of the 6-cylinder blocks are found here in stock. These are priced by our team when VIN numbers are matched. People use the tool on this page or call us by phone to purchase.