4.3L Isuzu Hombre Engine

The Hombre by Isuzu used a 4.3L engine for its power in the mid 1990s. Much like the S10, this truck was powered by the standard Vortec 4300 motor. The handshake deal by General Motors provided the base power level for sales of the 4.3L Isuzu Hombre engine worldwide. The best supply of replacement V6 blocks are available to order on this website.

Vortec 4300 Motor Specs

Isuzu needed a cheaper pickup truck to compete in the automotive market. Scrapping its regular series and promoting the Hombre with a GM engine made sense. The horsepower and rated performance are exactly the same as the Sonoma and S10.

The very top speed that can be taken out of the 4.3L is between 175 hp and 195 hp. Just the basics were offered though. Instead of going with the standard 2WD, the Vortec was made to handle the demands of 4WD off-road use. This was likely the best selling point for the Hombre pickup truck.

The VIN W 8th digit is what most people locate on the Internet. There is quite a stock of these versions still available. Even though production stopped on the compact Isuzu trucks, GM motors can be ordered. What might be the best ordering solution is given to people here.

Why the 4.3-Liter Gets Replaced

The easy answer is high mileage. A vehicle owner who has run up the mileage count knows that the factory OEM parts will be limited. It is only a matter of time before something bad happens. Nearly 100 percent of all complaints at the 4.3L Hombre is due to faulty water pumps and clogged injectors.

There is no factory water pump installed on the used Vortec that we sell here. Consumers will have to add their own. The block has been checked for common leaks. We even go through the trouble to clean and shine all of the necessary parts before retail orders.

Buy 4.3L Hombre Truck Engines

Price research is what informs the public which dealer has better prices. No secrets are kept here. The MSRP we have is very low. It can be cross referenced using our price calculator on this page. Buyers across the USA and some in Canada enter into our database to lookup prices and vehicle identification numbers daily.

A three-year labor and auto parts warranty is standard with a purchase here. Review our terms of sale by going through the quote process. A call can then be placed offline into our service department. Our knowledgeable staff knows used Isuzu motors, and we can assist anyone immediately.