Buick Rainier Used Engines

Buick Rainier Used EnginesBuick Rainier was a concept SUV produced by General Motors. The V6 and V8 powered engine were standard with the Rainier and offered much more power than competing automaker vehicles. Several years of engineering went into perfecting the way that these engines worked under the hood of the Rainier. GM’s Vortec technology was pushed to its limits with the production of the Rainier and this engine is still manufactured today. We are America’s largest Buick Rainier used engines seller online. The Buick and related General Motors inventory we have dwarfs all of our competition in the used engine business.

The Vortec 4200 is the V6 version of the Rainier engine. It is a DOHC engine that produces upwards of 270 horsepower. This is the same engine used in many other GM vehicles like the Trailblazer and GMC vehicles. We have this Buick engine in used shape and ready to ship out now. The Vortec 5300 is the V8 version of the Rainier and is a Generation III motor. It is also used in the Cadillac and the Silverado as the main V8 engine. We know the 5.3 produces well over 300 horsepower and gives drivers what is demanded in a V8 engine. This engine is now in stock here at www.usedengines.co.

Buick Rainier Used Engines

There is nothing that stops us from shipping thousands of these excellent engines each year. We do everything we can do to educate our customers about the motors we sell. We don’t like putting up stock specs and information provided by Buick. We describe accurately what moves in and out of our inventory because it’s necessary. A customer that depends on good quality motors from our company appreciates the information we give. We did not become a huge engine seller overnight. We have worked for many years at customer service, overall quality and improving our speed of shipping. Every step that is taken here each day personally affects every customer around the world. We do not take that responsibility lightly.

When you need a Rainier engine, there are not many places you can find one. The options are fairly limited and dealerships are usually the go-to place. The problem with a dealership is that you pay them to take engines out, store them and sell them to you. This all costs money and they do it for much more than we do. We have a huge warehouse of motors that have already been pulled out and warehoused. Each 4.2 and 5.3 GM engine is stored safely and shipped promptly when ordered. Nothing gets in the way of our low prices and our customer service. Finding a Buick Rainier engine never comes with hassles on our website.

Buick Rainier Used Engines Quotes

A 24/7 quote for is what we offer to you at our company. This means you won’t have to call and sit on hold while someone assists you. We hate that and know that you can do much better with your time. Use the Rainier engine quote form we provide to you. All the information is provided on what you will pay. Call toll free at 888-284-3591 when you are ready to order. It’s so easy.