Buy a Range Rover 4.4 Used Engine for Sale

Lets get right down to brass tacks, when we received an inquiry from a client to Buy a Range Rover 4.4 Used Engine for Sale, immediately we could determine it was a third generation BMW. Made from 2002 to current times, this model BMW is known as the L322 Range Rover. Oddly enough it has 2 different 4.4 liter engines available.

To clarify this, a 4.4 liter BMW engine [model M62] of the V8 design was used from 2002 to 2006. In 2007, a Jaguar 4.4 liter engine [model AJ], a V8 engine also from 2006 to 2009.

The M62 is a BMW engine and is one of four engines from said family. Using an aluminum engine block and cylinder heads, it is very lift in weight. The 4.4 liter version was called a model M62B44.

The AJ-V8 4.4 liter engine is part a family of Jaguar V8 DOHC [double overhead camshafts] engines, and also makes use of an aluminum block and cylinder heads for an excellent power to weight ratio. As a matter of fact it was voted one of Wards top 10 engines for the year 2000.

As I mentioned, the present-generation Range Rover dates back to its introduction in 2003. Between then and 2006, BMW-made a 4.4-liter V8 rated at 282 hp, and it was the only engine available. It came with a five-speed automatic transmission. However, in 2006, Rover replaced this engine with the current Jaguar-sourced V8.

Buyers interested in getting the right engine in the case of an engine failure will want to pay particular attention to year-by-year changes when shopping for used Range Rover engines of this generation.

When an engine has a failure, for most folks it presents a new type of situation to deal with. How does a person choose an engine and or a company to buy it from, then have it installed? A good question for sure. A person who owns a Range rover with a 4.4 liter engine certainly wants to buy the best replacement engine available.

With that thought in mind, a low mileage used engine may be the best solution available as far as cost and value is concerned. Don’t make a mistake and arbitrarily buy any old used engine. Take the time to call one of my engine experts and receive the education befitting of a Range Rover owner.

Our used engines have been tested in the donor vehicle to measure it for perfect operation and no oil leaks. Find out how affordable and how fast we can get you back on the road, Call now for free estimate.