Used Car Engines for Sale: Value Plus

Pick a Used Engine, Pick a Price
The value of any product or service is based on demand, quality, and longevity. New car prices are based on those characteristics, but there is another element in car engines that determine their price. Car engines like many other products are designed using a disposable mentality, which means they are engineered with parts and accessories that are designed to wear-out from normal use. That engineering trait keeps the replacement used car engines for sale: value plus business and the new car business in a constant state of change.

Change is the underlying element that determines car engine prices when all the smoke clears. Older engine with outdated technologies may have a value of $800 because they have been reconditioned with some new parts, but the fact that the technology is outdated doesn’t mean that the engine is only worth $800 in terms of service and longevity. An $800 engine can deliver the same amount of service as a $5000 engine. The only difference is in the perceptions, expectations, and the maintenance routine followed by the person buying the engine.

Most engine experts say that the average price for an engine replacement is between $2,000 and $4,000, but when the labor costs and additional parts are added, the price can jump to $5,000 or more. The average driver has an important decision to make; is a new or reconditioned engine the answer or is a replacement used car with low miles the way to go?

Five thousand dollars can buy a decent used car, but there always that hidden element of care and maintenance that taints that decision. Information about car use and miles driven is getting better, but there is still an aspect of the unknown associated with buying a used car unless it was your mother or grandmother’s car.

Car Engine Prices Are Not Transparent Either
Just because an engine cost $2500 doesn’t mean that it will automatically give the owner 300,000 miles of service. Some reconditioned engines are not fully reconditioned, which means some of the parts may wear out or break before the owner expects, especially when maintenance is ignored.

We have several different used car engines for sale. We sell them with warranties and the guarantee that we stand behind them when there is a mechanical breakdown due to the pre-testing process. Our new car engine prices are competitive. Call for a free quote.