Chevy Corsica 2.2L Engine

The Corsica is just one Chevy car that used a 2.2L engine in the 1990s. Just like its sister automobile, the Tempest, the two-door sedan was pretty popular. GM took what it learned from earlier builds and applied it to the motors found in later vehicles. Let us sell you a Chevy Corsica 2.2L engine in used condition from this auto parts portal.

LM3 Motor Specs

The RPO LM3 refers to the 2.2-liter 4-cylinder. There were multiple builds where each one had a different fuel system. The first builds for the Chevrolet Corsica were throttle body injection. The cubic inch displacement was 134. The base horsepower is about 95.

The LM2 was added in the year 1992. This was the fuel injection version of the 2.2 motor. The horsepower on this edition is a little better than the original. Around 120 hp is what is usually received for a used LM2 engine.

In 1986, the Corsica was upgraded with a V6 block. This was the last and final production period for the four-cylinder models. These are still found through auction centers and secondary resources like our company.

Warranties for 2.2L Chevy Engine

We have a standard plan in place for every buyer. A 36-month written plan that protects almost all of the factory parts is provided. These are attached for every buyer, and not just adults who live in the United States. We pay for the labor and parts replacement if something breaks during the term.

This phase of coverage does not come with a retail cost. It is added to our selling price. It is our policy to try and combine freight into the price tag too. Depending on how the four-cylinder blocks are delivered, a small fee might be charged for a residential delivery. This is really an affordable option to consider when shipping auto parts cross-country.

Prices for Chevy Corsica Motors

Figuring out a price is not hard at all. There is no generic catalog to order from. We rely on technology to keep our warehouse stock straight. What we have on hand at any time can be found in our products database here. No one has to log in, and price tags are always current.

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