Chevy Lumina APV V6 Used Engines

Chevy Lumina APV V6 Used Engines | Used Engines for Sale ChevyChevy Lumina APV was a short lived minivan created by Chevrolet in 1989. This model might have been replaced as a production run, but the series of engines that were used are still being sold by Chevy. Both Generation I and Generation II Lumina engines are sitting in our warehouse inventory. These include the 3.1L, 3.4L and 3.8L engines. We sell these used to offer the best online deal for a Chevy engine. Our Chevy Lumina APV V6 used engines are just as good as anything a warranty center will put into your van as a replacement. When you buy your engines from this website, we treat you like you are one of our family.

Some Chevy engines are used and sold by people that have no idea what they are doing. About 80 percent of the engines listed online do not come from reputable dealers. They are third party people that do not have a toll free number, website or history of sales success around the world. Being cautious as an engine buyer is understandable when you are faced with so many challenges. We are here to help. Our Lumina APV engines are mechanic certified and approved so you actually get a fantastic deal and not a load of rust.

Certified Chevy Lumina APV V6 Used Engines

Our mechanics know their stuff. Each of them has completed the appropriate training to select and to evaluate engines for our company. Nothing comes into our shop and leaves in the same condition. The power of our testing and certification process is just one of the differences between us and average used engine sellers. We know what to check on engines to locate the trouble spots. Anything that fails our testing is pushed aside and another engine is put into its place. We sell Chevy engines that have low miles on them because we are particular about what we can buy. We know the limits of a used engine and want to make sure we’re in the safety zone when selling Lumina engines to our customers.

The V6 engines that have passed all tests are placed into our in stock inventory and set up for fast sale. These are the very engines that make their way around the world when someone needs a reliable Chevy engine. Some of our biggest clients are junkyards and salvage yards that search for the lowest deals online. All of our 3.1-liter, 3.4-liter and 3.8-liter Lumina APV engines are in used condition that has been certified before shipment. Our team of freight experts ensures that engines get to their destinations fast. We don’t like damage claims and very rarely have to deal with them.

Chevy Lumina APV V6 Used Engines Quotes 

Obtaining a used engine quote from is almost effortless. We use our custom Chevy quote form to deliver our Lumina pricing. Just put in your engine size and contact details. One of our staff processes the information instantly and what you get is our super low price. You can even ask us questions by calling 888-284-3591 or get the same price. There is a reason why we’re the largest used engine dealer in America.