Used Chevy Malibu 2.4L Engine

The Malibu by Chevy used a 2.4L engine when it was known as the Chevrolet Classic. This LD9 block was the standard I4 installation. This twin cam motor got its start in the Cavalier. It begin to show up in compact cars as early as 1997. Before a person buys a used Chevy Malibu 2.4L engine, it helps to find out there are two options available. Each of these can be ordered here online.

2.4L Malibu Motor Specs

The 16-valve 2.4L is a DOHC block. The top speed that it can achieve is around 169 horsepower. This is due to the fixed 6400 RPM. The compression of 9:7 is pretty much standard on the inline four-cylinder base. Sequential fuel injection was a big part of the fuel savings that owners of the Chevrolet Malibu cars received.

In the production year 2000, GM revised its 2.4-liter motor with a new design. This was the development of the LE5. The emergence of variable valve timing could not be ignored. It was already being installed by Honda and several rival automakers.

A separate LAT RPO code is used to identify a hybrid series four-cylinder. The gasoline version and the hybrid version at what can be ordered here. Someone must provide a matched VIN number in our database to differentiate the fuel options.

Non-Turbo 4-Cylinder Engine

The Chevrolet Malibu cars are now being made with a turbocharged engine. This should not be confused with the 2.4 blocks listed on sale here. The newly equipped 2.0-liter is separate. These are Generation III installations that will not fit the standard motor mounts in the base Malibu cars.

The second hand Ecotec motors that sells here are fully warranted. We give what is referred to as a three-year parts plan. The confidence that is displayed in our stock as well as the factory parts should not be underestimated. Buyers across North America have their pick when it comes to used Malibu inline 4-cylinder motors.

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