Chevy Silverado 1500 4.3L Engine

The 4.3L engine used in Silverado trucks can be two different types. The first is a Vortec edition. This was part of the first generation manufacturing at GM. The second is an Ecotec3. Depending on which truck is selected, the specs can be very different. Let sell you a Chevy Silverado 1500 4.3L engine for a cheap price.

V6 Silverado Motor Specs

The Vortec 4300 is a 200 hp motor. This was based on the technology that originally existed in the late 1980s Astro van. Starting in the year 1998, GM began production on its soon to by flagship Silverado pickup truck. It was not until the year 2003 that changes were processed for the original 4.3L block.

Like most of the 6-cylinder builds, a 9:2 compression ratio existed. The fuel injection platform was modified. In 2014, General Motors updated its Generation V production to include the LV3. This relates to the modern day Ecotec3 4.3-liter engine. An 11:0 compression ratio exists in this version.

Replacing a Silverado Truck Motor

Intake gaskets can leak on some 4.3 motors. The light-duty trucks were not meant for high torque capacity. People who utilize the V8 are more likely to get the most towing capacity. It is very common for a used engine to have issues relating to valve leakage.

Someone can prevent such issues by making sure that tests are validated. At our company, a compression test is the first thing that we do. This is to certify that there are no air or fluid leaks happening. The second thing that is undertaken is a complete cleaning of the block.

A three-year warranty is part of the package consumers receive here. After a steam cleaning procedure, we are able to determine the exact condition of a 4.3L Silverado motor. What is on hand is then routed into our warehouse for storage and later shipment.

Buy 4.3L Chevy Silverado Engines

On this website exists a quote section. It is this format that we prefer to utilize for consumers. A customized price is given in well under a minute. A specific quote number is provided that locks in all guaranteed savings. A person hoping to buy a motor for a Silverado online can use this system to his or her advantage.

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