Chevy Suburban 5.7L Engine

The Suburban by Chevy had used a 5.7L engine for decades. Even back in the late 1970s, the 350 CID blocks were installed. The large size SUV has always been a winner in the global auto industry. GM has done great things when it comes to updated technology for its gasoline fleet. A special price for a used Chevy Suburban 5.7L engine is found on this page.

Small-Block 5.7L Specs

The Suburban hit its stride in the early 1990s. The L05 and the L31 were commonly placed under the hood of the baddest SUVs on the block. Because gas mileage was a concern, the outdated small-block models were switched over to the more efficient Vortec brand.

The 5700 V8 is the last of the Generation I manufacturing. General Motors made a decision to stop using the equipped 5.7-liter in favor of the tinier V8. Even though this did not sit well with current owners, the change was inevitable.

Used Chevy Suburban Blocks

Mechanics and drivers who swap out V8 size motors are pretty comfortable with the word used. It is the people that think only rebuilt is superior that have a lot to learn about second hand auto parts. Since there is no national standard for salvage yard motors, overall satisfaction can be all over the place.

We do judge condition, operation and age when we take in inventory to resell. This cuts out some of the regular issues that someone could get into when buying a used 5.7-liter engine elsewhere. A direct certification is made with our preowned inventory to guarantee condition.

Suburban Motors with Warranties

Three years is what to expect for a term of coverage here. We buy from GM junk yards right in the USA. A compression test is the best way to tell if there are leaks in the valves and gaskets. This testing is part of our regular evaluation testing when taking in 5.7L V8 stock.

We do our best to keep shipping free of charge. It does get a little expensive when shipping a motor block that weighs hundreds of pounds. Absorbing the freight charges from nationwide carriers is not easy but we feel it is necessary.

Buy 5.7L Suburban Engines

The Chevrolet brand is found in our warehouse. The small-block and big-block builds are what can be purchased by anyone here. Our immediate and best prices are delivered through a quote computer. This has been programmed to remove the process of waiting for a day or two for a price to be calculated. We do it instantly.

Let us sell you a quality V8 SUV motor that includes a warranty. You will pay less and be a lot happier. Not only do we discuss all terms of sale, but we are usually able to price match with any reputable dealer.