Chevy Venture 3.4L Motor

The roots of the Venture van by Chevy can be traced to the 1980s. The manufacturing of futuristic automobiles is part of the engineering process. By the time 1996 rolled around, General Motors was ready to unveil its new minivan to the world. Under the hood was the very used Chevy Venture 3.4L engine that we sell online. These blocks are all OEM versions.

LA1 V6 Venture Motor Specs

The horsepower topped out at 185 in the final V6 form. The 3.4-liter, also called the 3400 motor, was already famous in brands like Pontiac in the USA. General Motors ended up replacing this motor in 2005, but nearly a decade of manufacturing was already in place.

There is nothing that is unique about the Chevy 3.4 block. It still used a four-speed automatic transmission just like other vehicles in the GM fleet. The trim variations were limited as well. Every person had access to the base edition while the LS or LT were luxurious.

The Trans Port and the Montana vans were variations of the Chevrolet Venture. The thing that all of these models had in common was the V6 block inside. inventory posted on this page is in original condition.

Venture Van Motor Warranties

It is a little scary buying parts on the used market. There is no authority that provides a level of trust in most markets. What people who swap a 3.4-liter end up doing is putting price tags over quality builds. In order to save the most money, changing out one high mileage motor for another often takes place.

We do things different here. Yes, we sell Chevy junk yard V6 inventory. This is far from an indication that what is provided is poor condition. It is actually the opposite. We deal exclusively with companies that stock GM products. We choose to acquire second hand complete auto engines that we then sell to people.

A warranty plan here is in effect for a three-year term. That means for 36 months we take are of all parts and labor. Even though we discount the MSRP, we are not actively charging money for a warranty coverage plan. Protecting a Chevrolet Venture 3.4 against issues is always good.

3.4L Engine for Chevy Venture

Buy here now and save big bucks. All valves, gaskets, springs and hoses are original. Nothing is in bad shape. A compression test is what we are using to make sure we back up our claims. Mileage will always be displayed in the quote that originates here. Each person is affixed a specific number that will guarantee the cheapest price.