Chrysler Concorde 2.7L Engine

The LH engine was used in the Concorde by Chrysler starting in 1998. This block was the foundation of performance for luxury and sedan automobiles. The 60-degree design is one of the most famous in the company’s history. With its aluminum heads, the Chrysler Concorde 2.7L engine is equipped for reliable speeds. A used variant is for sale here online.

2.7L EER Motor Specs

What some people do not know is that the 2.7-liter 4-cylinder is American made. These were built in the U.S. and were all DOHC. The horsepower was respected since it was typically rated for about 200 hp. The final year that Chrysler used the 2.7 in the Concorde was 2004.

There were some factory problems that resulted in some recalls for the I4 series. Clogging of the EGR valve lead to oil sludge issues that were eventually corrected. It was not just the sedan automobiles that were affected. It was the entire lineup across Dodge brands too.

All in all, the Concorde was a decent car that had a reliable motor. Owners of these vehicles who might need to replace the motor due to high mileage or bad parts can place orders online. Apart from places like eBay, we are one of the last sources carrying this stock.

Used LH Engine Warranty

Ordering inventory from a known source cuts out the risk of OEM components failing. With a respected warranty plan, a consumer will be covered should a part go bad. Chrysler engines for sale on this page all come with a 36-month warranty plan. No one pays to activate the service. It comes figured into our low selling price.

Parts and labor for a used Concorde motor is included. In almost all cases, POE will pay for a mechanic to install something that goes wrong during the ownership of our products. This does raise the value of our aluminum four-cylinder blocks that are retailed here.

2.7-Liter Concorde Replacement Motor

Anything can be ordered at this portal. It is fully setup to handle every type of e-commerce transactions. We also do web quotations for price structures too. For a person who is just looking, it is the perfect way to find out how much a replacement Chrysler Concorde engine costs. No one is locked in to the pay the price if he or she does not want to.

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