Used Chrysler Concorde V6 Engines

Used Chrysler Concorde V6 EnginesChrysler Concorde was one of Chrysler’s most popular sedans. This luxury sedan was built in the early 1990s and ended up lasting until the mid 2000s. The SUV craze is what was said to have reduced the public interest in luxury cars like the Concorde. Chrysler being one of the most successful companies in the U.S. put a lot of marketing into the Concorde. The interior amenities and similarity to the Intrepid helped gain buyer confidence. The engines in the Concorde are unmistakably great. This is why you’ll find used Chrysler Concorde V6 engines for sale right now in our used engine warehouse.

There were at least three V6 engines that Chrysler relied on for use in the Concorde. Two of these are the most often used. These are the 3.5L and the smaller 3.3L. Each of these engines had a high horsepower range of up to 275. For a sedan this is a lot of power. The same engine technologies that were used in some Jeep vehicles was moved over into the V6 sedan engines. Chrysler used these engines for Eagle cars as well. Few automakers have been able to produce a better engine that the ones found inside of the Concorde.

Used Chrysler Concorde V6 Engines

When it comes to supplying engines, our distributors do an outstanding job. Our internal staff helps us to locate and determine what engines we will bring in for sale to customers. No two used engines will ever be exactly the same. We never go on looks alone when choosing motors to sell. We’ve found that over half of used engines appear to be great. It is the testing and evaluations that are completed that reveal hidden issues. We have an expert testing area here where we provide engine testing. Nothing that is purchased by a customer is done so without these important quality tests. Our V6 engines are what customers demand in a used engine.

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