Dodge Charger Engine

Dodge Charger engine was created in multiple formations in 2005. Chrysler decided to produce the Charger after decades of it sitting vacant. The production run lasted until 2010. The first formation of the V6 engine that was selected was the 2.7. This same engine was used in editions like the Chrysler 300. This powerful V6 offered a slightly scaled back version of what was to come in the 2006 year. Getting your hands on one of these Charger engines in used condition is easy here at You’ll pay the low price that you want to own one.

Since the 2.7 is just the base model, a 3.5 V6 was the next upgrade in line. This engine was not as popular as the 5.7 V8 Hemi that engine buyers preferred. This successful engine was used to boost the horsepower above the V6 capacity. Buyers of the Charger got the chance to sample this engine during the 5 years the Charger held this motor. You’ve come to the right resource online to find a replacement engine. We’re likely the nation’s largest used engines inventory and sell right from this website. We know how to treat customers and don’t have quality issues.

Dodge Charger Engine Specs

Some engine sellers that distribute engines online explain nothing about the specs. We feel that educating customers about what they pay for is one of our secrets to building great relationships. The V6 and V8 sizes that are available have OEM specs. These might be preowned engines but they are not crate engines. The motors we’re selling were built in Dodge factories. It is essential that this quality issue be addressed due to the amount of Charger engine sellers that sell third party crate engines. The used engines for sale that we distribute come with our personal guarantee. This guarantee is one that is rarely offered through other dealers that might sell online.

Apart from giving you OEM specs, most of the in stock Dodge engines can be sent to you free of charge. We provide this information in your personalized quote we give you. This is an extra way that you can save even more engine dollars. You won’t be required to pay for shipping if your engine is eligible for the free freight incentive. If you’re within the continental U.S., this offer is one of the best you’ll find for a preowned engine. The shipments we take care of for customers are not cheap either. We send engines out through common carriers and there is no delay just because we offer free shipping. Get the Dodge Charger engine you came here to find right now.

Dodge Charger Engine Pricing 

The quote system we’ve built for you to use here is plain and simple. You put in the data, click on submit and you’re presented with possibly the lowest price you’ve found online. We offer the same fast service for all toll free phone quotes. We take the time to lookup each VIN number and verify it with our database of engine codes. Give us a try. Let us be your provider for used engines online.