Ford 2.3 Duratec Engine for Sale

The 2.3 displacement in the Duratec engine from Ford means good gas mileage. This block debuted in the Spring of 2003 in the USA market. The year of production dictates just how fast these units will go in terms of horsepower. What people want to know when buying a used edition is if it is a good-running block. We offer an affordable Ford 2.3 Duratec engine for sale here.

Depending on the source of information, specs can vary slightly for the Duratec family. The 23E code is the California emissions versions. These were specially designed and only offered in a handful of states. What most people ask for is the 2.3-liter editions. These were mass produced and inserted into multiple automobiles.

Data About the Ford 2.3 I4

The entire production schedule lasted for nine years. Ford stopped relying on the 2.3 when it developed its Ecoboost platform. People who search the salvage auto parts market do have options for buying authentic builds.

The installations for the Duratec 23 motor include:

1. Focus
2. Fusion
3. Mazda 3
4. Mazda 6
5. Milan
6. Ranger
7. B2300
8. Escape

138 cubic inch displacement is what a person receives with the aluminum casted build. A variance of up to 164 horsepower is given. The camshaft has 5 bearings inside. The system is chain driven. What makes a used Ford motor so valuable is the OEM parts.

Ford Junk Yard Pullouts has hundreds of junk yards in North America in which to secure inventory. This vast network includes local and regional business owners. We sell to just as many car owners as we do mechanics and body shops. Everyone gets the chance to obtain a low price. Cars that are damaged or traded in are quickly picked over to build our warehouse up.

Nothing here is in new condition for sale unless we say so. The difference in the auto engines retailed here and other places is usually the mileage. It is our mission to get the best price and lowest mileage count. We know it means a lot to customers.

Buy Replacement Ford 2.3 Engines

People appreciate the I4 because it is easy to swap. It does not have too many bolts like much larger motors. With relatively little effort, anyone can change out a 2.3 Duratec engine easily. Full pricing and sales processing is available from this website. It takes one or two seconds to get inside of our database.

Some people, for whatever reason, like to call offline instead. Our service department is always ready to take calls. We can easily go over the shipping rates, warranties or the condition each product. People reward us for our good job with return business. The initiative to keep prices low is ongoing. Try us out.