Used Used Ford 3.0L Engines for Sale

Used Ford 3.0L Engines for SaleFord first used its new 3.0L Duratec in 1996. This engine was used in the Taurus and Sable vehicles. The upgrade form the older 4-cylinder engine was necessary. Car owners demanded that the Duratec engine produce a high range of horsepower. Ford delivered with the 3.0L and managed to get 282 solid horsepower. The original design was to take the place of the Essex 3.8L that was phased out in the mid 1990s. You’ll find that we’re one of the only sources online that has used Ford 3.0L engines for sale in our price range. We know what others sell for and we do the opposite.

The 3.0L went on to be used in other vehicles co-produced by Ford. The Mazda MPV, Escape and Lincoln series all used this V6 engine. The power range of this motor is great and it is perfect for all vehicle styles. What you’ll find is that our used engines retain the longevity of the original Ford design. We know how important that a Ford nameplate is to the public. We don’t put any sacrifices on the quality of what is offered here. Customers expect to get OEM quality Ford motors and that’s exactly what we give.

Used Ford 3.0L Engines for Sale

You came here hoping that you’d find this engine in stock. We make a lot of people happy online thanks to our inventory. Did you know our used engine inventory is likely the largest in the U.S.? We’ve put years of time and development into our company. We know exactly what is expected by our customers. Our Ford customers are loyal and we always uphold the promises that we make. Each Ford V6 engine that enters our company is checked out thoroughly by our specialists. We’ve hired what we believe to be the best Ford mechanics on the planet. It is the work of these experts that helps us keep our reputation to the highest standard.

There are a lot of things you’ll never have to worry about buying from us. The first is the cost of shipping. We’ve removed the cost of shipping making it free to all U.S. customers. We can’t ship free to Hawaii or Alaska, but we give great rates to customers in those states. You won’t have to worry about getting a warranty here. Most engines receive our extended warranty for no cost. We’ve partnered with the best freight companies in the U.S. to help deliver used Ford engines faster. This is another thing our customers don’t have to worry about here. We’ve been selling engines for decades and have perfected the system we use.

Used Ford 3.0L Engines for SaleĀ 

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