Ford 5.8 Engine for Sale

The 351W is code name for the 5.8 engine at Ford. This Windsor family block was a small-block design. It was revamped more than once since its introduction in the late 1960s. The F-Series trucks were the late vehicle in production to use this edition. Right from this page, someone can buy a Ford 5.8 engine for sale.

When Ford builds something strong, it needs to last a while. That was exactly the mindset for the 8-cylinder build. It features cast iron casings for the head and the block. These were built in the state of Ohio in two different factories. The life span of a 5.8 is pretty long if the unit is taken care of by an owner.

Specs of the 351W V8

Two valves for every cylinder is what to expect when buying a used Ford Windsor motor. The specs changed a little through the years. The compression was originally as high as 11:0:1, but it was brought down when fuel economy was essential for motorists.

The late model versions were usually 8:8:1. The four-barrel carburetor was commonly applied in the 1970s and early 1980s. When the F150 truck was updated to the 5.8 motor, horsepower was contained at 210. The lightning trim version had the highest power boost available at 240 hp.

Swapping a 5.8L Motor

A person should know about some common problems with the 5.8 prior to swapping one. Some truck owners have experienced low fuel pressure. This could be from a faulty pump or broken line. A lot of use and mileage can be extracted from the 351 V8. Heavy oil consumption could mean that there is an internal issue going on.

The specs of the block do not do it justice. It is hard to find a low mileage edition because of the age of the motor. The most popular ID is the VIN H 8th digit. These represent the early 1990 through 1997 versions. Truck owners or even a mechanic can place orders for these editions on this site.

Junk Yard Ford 5.8 Engines

That’s right. What people can order here came from a scrap yard in the United States. These are not remanufactured. The price goes up if someone rebuilds each part step by step. A genuine pull out means that it has been tested minimally. A good overview is what will keep someone from making a warranty claim. lets people find out discounts on this page. By using our locator system, we are able to present each discount. If this is not good enough, someone can call us to discuss a customized price and delivery.