Used Ford 5.4L Lightning SVT Engines for Sale

Ford 5.4L Lightening SVT Engines for Sale | Used Engines Ford F-150The F-150 pickup truck still pushes all competition to the side. The V8 and V6 power inside of these trucks is a major Ford achievement. Much of the success comes from the 5.4L engine. The SVT Lightening was a special edition F-150 put out by Ford in the late 1990s. We have these Ford 5.4L Lightning SVT engines for sale inside of our used Ford truck engines inventory. As one of the leading sellers of used Ford engines online, we have all of the variants for Ford F-150 pickup trucks in stock. We know where to buy and exactly what our customers expect for Ford replacement engines.

Buying a used engine, especially from our company, does not mean that you are getting a bad deal. Where you buy your engine will ultimately affect its quality. We sell to excellent salvage yards, junkyards and mechanics around the country. We also sell direct to average people wanting a great deal on a used engine by Ford. Trusting the company that sells you a used engine is very important. We have already taken the necessary precautions to guarantee that our engines will meet or exceed your engine expectations. We treat you right and never favor our own pocketbook when it comes to pleasing our customers.

Cheap Ford 5.4L Lightning SVT Engines for Sale 

What we sell are affordable engines although some might call them cheap. We have searched around and know what others sell 5.4-liter engines for on the Internet and through auction websites. We feel that we have pretty cheap prices and none of our customers have complained. You get value, you get performance and treated fairly when you buy from our company. We have been in the business of selling used engines for a long time and have seen many other companies come and go. We’re still here. Our commitment to our engine quality and to the way that we treat each of our customers is what gives us longevity.

Part of what makes our company successful is the used engines that we sell. The part that many people do not see is the strength of our shipping team. We safely move, crate and ship engines around the world from our own facility. We are not warehousing our engines in another place. Every engine that comes out of our engine shop is shipped immediately after customer orders are processed. Buying Ford 5.4L Lightning SVT engines for sale is not complicated. Our standard time for an engine delivery is never more than 3 to 5 days. We provide to our customers one of the fastest ways to get a 5.4-liter engine online.

Ford 5.4L Lightning SVT Engines for Sale Price Quote

Call our specialists at 888-284-3591 and you’ll get the lowest price possible for a Ford 5.4-liter engine. We are complete professionals and will not try to sell you what you do not need. We will answer your questions or search our database for another engine if you want. You can obtain our lowest price by giving us your information inside of our quote form. The price is sent instantly to your email inbox. It’s fast and super easy to get a great deal from us.