Ford Bronco 5.8 Engine for Sale

The Bronco used a 5.8 V8 engine block starting in 1978 in the USA. The full-size sport utility vehicle build called for the 351 CID build. Borg Warner was still supplying transmissions to go with the small-block editions. There is good news for people who shop on this website. A Ford Bronco 5.8 engine for sale can be ordered at a fair and discounted price.

The 1980 version of the Bronco did use a 4.9-liter. This was not received well by people who did not appreciate the 300 CID. The straight 6 block was not as powerful as the Windsor V8. The last time that a Bronco used the 5.8 engine was the 1996 year. Ford discontinued it in hopes of finding a replacement.

Overdrive Transmission Compatible V8

A switch was made to use the AOD gearboxes in the early 1990s. Fans of the manual T18 and C6 were not impressed though. Knocking out one gear and putting in an overdrive automatic did hurt sales of the 5.8 powered SUVs. In an effort to help with fuel economy, the smaller Bronco and 302 V8 were being manufactured.

Someone who is ready to swap out a vintage Ford motor has a lot of research to conduct. It is not all about getting the best price sometimes. There are very good blocks listed on Craigslist or eBay these days. The problem is that a warranty is almost never included. All sales are final in most cases.

Good Running Windsor V8 Motors makes sure that customers are happy. A warranty plan was developed in order to increase sales in the U.S. and Canada. We cannot control the block mileage on a unit, but we can offer a warranty for many parts. This is a superior way to treat consumers who work hard to pay for used automotive components.

A power and pressure test is normally performed at our supplier facilities. This proves to us what we are selling is in top shape. Once a price has been locked in for a buyer, the precise terms of warranty coverage can be explored before a sale.

Prices for 5.8 Used Bronco Engines

We invested into a computer system that is able to track all supplier price data. Users of this portal can begin comparing all units in stock. The only thing that is needed is a year of manufacture and maybe a VIN number.

People who have limited information available can call us through our toll-free number. We are friendly and are willing to help. There are times when we do not have the lowest prices. In that case, we understand if people want to shop elsewhere. Try us.