Used Ford Contour 2.5L Used Engines

Ford Contour 2.5L Used Engines | Used Engines Ford DuratecFord Contour relied on the power of the Duratec 2.5L V6 engine for its power. Both the Ford Contour and the Mercury Mystique were the same sedan. Each of these were marketed to different consumers and each of them sold well. As an alternative to the Taurus, the Contour was mid priced and the extra powerful V6 engine was usually the selling point for consumers. Ford did a great job with the 2.5-liter engine and it is still in use today. You came here searching for a great price for Ford Contour 2.5L used engines and¬†that’s exactly what you will find.

While the Contour had only 5 years of production, these cars can still be found on the roadways of the world. Many rental car agencies still use the Contour as an option. There are hundreds of thousands of these cars and the V6 engines are reliable. When we purchase used engines for sale, we always checkout the quality first before we put on our price tag. The quality of what we sell can only be as good as the source that we buy from. We sell successfully to salvage and junk dealers that can’t find these engines in their local area. We ship fast to any of our customers to eliminate any type of waiting.

Ford Contour 2.5L Used Engines with a Warranty 

Selling you an engine without warranty protection is like taking your money and not shipping your engine. Both ways can really screw you over and we choose not to do that. There are, however, some dealers that do and we have risen far above these dealers both online and offline. Our standard warranty is extended above the traditional warranty period put out by most sellers. We know that if something is going to happen to an engine that it always happens right after the regular warranty lapses. We protect you in advance from this and are proud to say that we do not handle but 1 or 2 issues with a warranty each year. Even at this rate it is usually OEM part failures.

We make use of dyno testing equipment before we sell our warranted engines. This is our last chance to prove what we have purchased will give you the value that you demand. Our expert Ford mechanics know how to read the schematics and reports that dyno testing produces. We use our OEM guides that are sent to us by Ford to match up the ratios. We do this to make certain that what you are buying is a genuine Ford engine that is just as good as any certified dealer would sell to you. All of our 2.5L engines are tested in this manner.

Ford Contour 2.5L Used Engines Pricing

Before you buy engines from here on our website, we wanted to let you know how our process works. You fill out our 2.5L Duratec engine quote request form. One of our staff emails you or calls you with our pricing. You don’t have to use our website though. Call toll free at 888-284-3591 and you get the same pricing information. We’re fast, easy to deal with and we are out to save you money on a quality used engine.