Used Used Ford Escort GT Engines

Used Ford Escort GT EnginesFord Escort was created in 1981 and quickly got the attention of drivers worldwide. This compact car was great for fuel economy and filled a void desperately that was needed during the early ’80s recession. The original engine was the Ford CVH engine. This engine was small but it got the job done. It lasted until 1985 and Ford made additional power increases. The second generation Escorts are what most people remember. These included the Mazda B-series engine. It is these used Ford Escort GT engines that you can find for sale in our warehouse inventory. We’re always working hard to locate the best 1.8L used engines for Escort customers.

Escort GT was one of the sport models that Ford experimented with in the mid 1990s. The Taurus was nearing the end of its run and Ford wanted a lower priced clone. The Escort GT was one of the models that were produced. The 1.8L engine was based on the Mazda platform. The famous B engine was used successfully in many versions of Ford cars through the years. There is no type of trade off between power and fuel economy standards with the 1.8L GT engine. We ship a lot of these to our customers that have used Ford cars.

Used Ford Escort GT Engines 

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