Ford Explorer Sport Trac Engine

The 4.0L engine at Ford was used in the Sport Trac trucks. This was a concept vehicle based on a truck and a full-size sport utility vehicle. The ever-popular Cologne V6 was the perfect for the huge size. The first generation of production for the Ford Explorer Sport Trac engine is regarded as the best editions. A second hand version can be ordered here daily.

SOHC 4.0L Motor Specs

The Sport Trac underwent a slight name change after the 2002 year. The Explorer moniker was no longer attached to the official name. Even though the motor was the same, Ford did experiment with a larger build after 2005. The Modular 4.6L was an alternative block to the standard 4.0-liter V6 engine.

The XLT and XLS trim each performed at about 210 horsepower. This was pretty standard for the OHV 6-cylinder. Manufacturing never entered the mass production phase, but many people have been loyal fans of the Explorer Sport Trac concept.

The fuel tanks held about 20 gallons of fuel, but the MPG was a little lower. This is because of the push rod motor block. Before electronic systems became standard, a decrease in miles per gallon was usually recognized. All used Explorer 4.0 motors for sale on this portal are operational.

Replacement Sport Track Engines

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4.0L Explorer Sport Track Engine

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