Used Ford Ranger 4.0 Engine

The Ranger used both OHV and SOHC 4.0 engines at Ford. Swapping either of these does take some knowledge of manifold identification. There is a stamp on each unit that details which block is which. A person trying to find a used Ford Ranger 4.0 engine can order one here at a cheap price.

A lot of development went into the first edition OHV V6 motor. These were built in Germany from the year 1990 to the early 2000s. The single overhead cam edition came along in the year 1997 for use also in the Explorer. Ford had used the 2.9L V6 as the entry point for 6-cylinder power in compact trucks.

Specs of the 4.0 Ranger Motor

The compression found in the block is 9:0:1. This is the factory setting according to service manuals. The most common range of power includes a 160 hp speed. The late model edition sported a 207 hp. The RPM was improved from 2400 to 3000. There are 245 CID found on either of the two blocks available.

There are some known problems in Ranger trucks though. Some people did report a miss or a bogged down feeling when driving. These could have been caused by failed spark plugs, old wiring or issues with manifold parts. Some people do install superchargers that are made by aftermarket companies to complement the V6.

Reliability of the 4.0 V6

For the most part, the early 1990 OHV and later SOHC are still in demand. Ford Motor Company has since moved on in development to its Ecoboost family. A lot of people still think highly of the smaller 4.0 used in the Explorer and Ranger pickup. People who buy these second hand often ask ‘how reliable is a 4.0 engine?’

Truck owners, mechanics and other people provide open opinions. The company ensures that testing is complete before units are resold to consumers. This is part of the warranty guarantee that we have set into place.

Prices for Used Ranger Motors Online

We are thankful to adults shopping on this portal. There is a lot of competition from Craigslist and other secondary resources. The only thing we can do is be honest with buyers. We do take a look at the mileage and condition of gaskets or hoses. Prices for complete motors are based on these evaluations.

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