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Geo Prizm Used Engines for Sale | Used GM EnginesGeo Prizm was a partnership between Chevrolet and Toyota in the U.S. in the 1990s. This Toyota designed car received the marketing power of GM and the partnership remained for well over a decade. The Prizm was a compact car that was perfect for drivers that wanted luxury as well as fuel efficiency. Several engines were used inside of the Prizm. The 1.6L and 1.8L Toyota engines were the most common and this 4-cylinder engine is what you will find for sale on our website. We have Geo Prizm used engines for sale at cheap prices at because we care about saving our customers money. The Geo engines that we have are completely clean and ready for fast shipment.

We are able to purchase engines in great condition thanks in part to our partnerships around the country. Most of the engines that are sold from our inventory wind up in salvage yards or at warranty centers as replacement engines. Most drivers have no idea that we are one of the largest providers of used Geo engines in the U.S. Our company was built using a simple method of customer service plus excellent quality motors. It’s simple to understand but few companies do it. We do it well and have no customer complaints or quality issues.

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When you want a clean engine, do you know where to find one? That’s a question that few people can honestly answer. Checking the Internet for engines can bring up a lot of sources that are unreliable. We’ve found some pretty dirty and grimy engines for sale. We want our customers to have better. Each 1.6L or 1.8L Toyota-GM engine that we have in our engine warehouse is cleaned and prepped before it is sold. We employ engine mechanics that have decades of experience in the engine industry. Our used engines give you the lowest mileage that you ask for you and the clean appearance that you expect. Since we are professionals, we have the budget and skills to make that happen for you.

We use professional tools and equipment when testing and preparing each engine. Our dyno computer testing is invaluable to us. It detects any issue that could be happening while an engine is running. The small things like oil compression and fluid leaks are often missed by the untrained eye. A computer never fails to find these problems and we can take measures to correct it. Just because you buy a used engine online does not mean you should get one that has fluid leakage or startup problems. We sell engines of a higher caliber here and will continue to do so for every customer.

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You were brought here to this website to learn about used engines. We told you about the condition, about our inventory and about how we certify a used engine. We’ll tell you now about the price that you will pay to get one. Use the 1.6L and 1.8L Geo Prizm engine quote form we created. It will generate the engine quote that you will use to order. You can also call 888-284-3591 and speak with a helpful professional on our staff. Get your Geo engine fast.