Used GMC Savana 5.3L Engines

gmc-long-block-53l-enginesGMC Savana is a full-size van that was introduced for commercial and standard usage. These vans include the powerful 5.3L V8 engine and it is in long block form. One thing that owners of these vans realize is the amount of power that is provided. The Vortec engine produces well above the standard 250 horsepower. The high amount of torque that is provided makes the Savana van great for hauling or long haul transportation of multiple passengers. We have used GMC Savana 5.3L engines on sale each day right from this website. Don’t search elsewhere for the low price you can find here.

The Vortec engine in the V8 configuration is an in demand engine worldwide. The long block version is much bigger and used to power the heavy duty vehicles like pickups and vans. Few online sellers offer the long block in its finished state. We’re one of the only engine dealers operating online that not only sell this engine, but we also ship this engine free of charge to U.S. customers. The size of the engine makes it an expensive venture for us although it’s worth it. Our customers include average van owners and body shop mechanics that purchase these long block engines.

Used GMC Savana 5.3L Engines 

Engines here are located from trusted engine wholesalers. We contract with these companies to be our sole source of engines. This helps us to avoid the offline sellers that sell motors to auction website sellers. We prefer lower mileage and high quality engines. The only companies that can provide this are OEM GMC suppliers. These are the companies we use to bring us 5.3L long block Vortec engines for sale. We send out these engines daily from our own warehouse. We’re not an engine middleman. We’re not a seller of rebuilt engines. We stick with used quality and we make sure to test what is sold prior to shipping it to customers.

The Savana is a big van and it needs to be to house the 5.3L long block V8. Our shipping team is arguably the most talented and experienced in the used engine business. This team successfully ships out engines as big as the 5.3L daily without error. This means we don’t put the engines into scenarios that can damage the internal or external functionality. Our shipping team successfully moves these large engines in and out of our warehouse and into freight trailers. These trailers successfully deliver engines to our loyal customer base in just a few business days after shipment. Our long block V8 van engines all include a warranty that is added at no extra cost.

Used GMC Savana 5.3L Engines Price Quotes 

Calling our toll free engine quote line is an easy way to find out our pricing. Our experts answer fast when you call 888-284-3591. We’re complete professionals and want to get you a price that you can’t say no to – ever. If you want your quote online, you can easily put your information inside our quote form. What you get next is our displayed pricing, complete warranty terms and free shipping offer. Contact us today.