Used GMC Sonoma Engines

Used GMC Sonoma EnginesGMC Sonoma was first created in 1982 after the success of the Chevy Luv in the 1970s. The GMC had its roots much closer to the S10. The first engine was the 1.9L Isuzu platform and it remained for the first year or two. The next upgrade to the Sonoma was the 2.5L Iron Duke that was popular in the S10. A V6 was offered as the Vortec 4300 and this engine remained the longest. We have all of these used GMC Sonoma engines in stock and ready for easy shipment. We cut out the cost of shipping and still give you a great deal here.

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Used GMC Sonoma Engines 

The 4.3L Vortec is an engine that arrived in the mid 1990s. Chevrolet has used it as well as the GMC brand. General Motors created its Vortec series to take over where the Generation I, II and III left off. A new generation of engines were developed and tested for use. One reason that the Vortec has remained popular is because it is easier to swap. The delays and other modifications that might have been required in the past were removed with the creation of the Vortec series. We know these engines are in high demand and you’ll find that we are one of the biggest retailers for GM engines at

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