GMC Yukon 5.3L Engine

The full-size Yukon used a 5.3L engine at GMC starting in 2000. While smaller than the stock 5.7-liter, the Vortec platform provided what people asked for in modern day V8 blocks. This was a better ratio of fuel economy. General Motors is still producing larger sport utility vehicles to meet needs of its consumers. A GMC Yukon 5.3L engine is part of our sale inventory posted here online.

5.3L Yukon Specs

Up until the year 2003, GM was experimenting with flex fuel options. Because this does factor into the total MPG, it was available as an option on the 5300 V8. These early edition could only output around 295 hp. The LMG and LY5 were the two primary blocks in use during this period of time.

Starting in the year 2014, General Motors moved on to its Generation V platform. This gave entry to the Ecotec3. A well respected 325 CID can be found on this late model edition. Regardless of the RPO code, someone who uses this website as a retail reference can order any size used GMC Yukon engine for sale.

Salvage 5.3-Liter V8 Engines

The best way to provide solid inventory to consumers is to find good blocks to pull out. This is the process here. We conduct a search of our GM junk yard partners. This gives us the pick of the litter when it comes to auto parts. A qualified dismantler removes the entire block. Then these are sent to our facility for cleaning and storage.

A warranty is something that no one should be without. When it comes to second hand V8 engines, problems often do surface. Through visual and close-up inspections, it is determined that the used 5.3L motors that we sell here are way above average condition. A three-year parts and labor warranty program is initiated at the time of order processing.

Reasons People Swap Yukon V8s

A bad fuel pump. A faulty throttle body. Too much oil consumption. These are all reasons that people shop for a new Yukon V8 engine. Problems are varied and are almost always due to heavy usage or high mileage. The cleaning and certification system that is in use here guarantees that common problems with the Yukon SUV are avoided.

We do give a very generous three-year term of parts and labor coverage. We are so confident in our inventory that we can do this. It will be very difficult for someone who buys an auction motor to get the same level of service as is found here.

Buy Used GMC Yukon Engines

The 5.3-liter and larger sizes are easily priced using our website tools. Feel free to dig into the system and find the best discount. In most cases, is the cheapest resource to purchase from. With all things considered, it does make sense to go with a market leader.