Plymouth Grand Voyager 2.5L Engine

The K engine in the Grand Voyager is a 2.5L displacement. Plymouth brand vehicles were using this block in the year 1984. To capitalize on the minivan movement, Chrysler made several installations of its 4-cylinder motor. The Plymouth Grand Voyager 2.5L engine for sale on this website is not the diesel version. This was a separately built edition.

Specs of the Chrysler K Motor

There were installations of Mitsubishi engines during the production run of the Grand Voyager. The first editions only had the four-cylinder configuration, but these were OEM builds. Only the V6 was a foreign unit under the partnership agreement. The 8:1 compression was pretty respected in terms of the 2.5-liter block.

The horsepower ranged about 100 in the base and LE trim vans. This power level was all that someone would get when topping our the RPM. At this point in the Plymouth family, the K motor was the leading force in the domestic auto industry.

The smaller size block was the favored installation until the switch was made to the 3.3. and 3.5. People who shop on the web using this website are in luck. All variants of the Grand Voyager series motors can be ordered without delay.

Reliability of 2.5-Liter Van Engines

There are few publicly reported issues that were associated with the Plymouth 2.5. Some people reported timing belt or ball bearing problems that were ultimately fixed locally. When it comes to evaluating the manufacturing, the used 2.5L van motors on sale here in good shape. These get good gas mileage. These are preferred over the larger V6.

A plan for warranty coverage is underwritten and distributed here. Consumers trying to find a cheap way to swap a 2.5L I4 try us first. Since our warranty protects nearly 100 percent of the OEM components, this is definitely the plan to have in place. No one will have to suffer with a second hand complete build failing.

Used 2.5 Grand Voyager Motors

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