Used Infinity I30 and I35 Engines for Sale

One of the most cost effective methods of solving a blown engine problem in an Infinity I30 is to locate a company that specializes in low mileage used engines. Used engines that have been operated before removal from the donor car to document performance and all critical details. Engines that have an iron clad guarantee.

In particular, if you are researching Used Infinity I30 and I35 Engines for Sale, consider a company whose only focus is locating  the lowest mileage pre-tested used engines available, anywhere. Then have it delivered ASAP to solve your problem.

The first engine offered in 1996 was called the VQ30DE, a 6 cylinder V design engine used in many Nissan’s including the Maxima. This engine was used until at least 2003 in certain markets. It was on Wards 10 best engines list from 1995 to 2001.

It makes use of most modern engine optimizing features like a light weight aluminum engine block and cylinder heads, DOHC, EGI/ECCS, variable valve timing and sequential fuel injection system. It was extremely popular and can be purchased in the used form with solid integrity and its’ confirmation papers.

Of course the newer the model Infiniti, the easier it is to locate low mileage engines. That’s where the greatest values lie. Regardless of the generation, A32 generation one or A33 generation two, used engines can be located that meet our strict guidelines. As we get into second generation models the low mileage engines are much easier to find.

The bulk of used low mileage engines come from cars which were in perfect running order and were involved in an accident of some sort which totaled out the car. Obviously the engines are not damaged in the accident and often these engines have very low mileage. More than that, checks with CARFAX to insure the engine was never flooded or was worked on under warranty.

The only other engine offered in the Infinity 130 and 135 was a 3.5 liter V6, named the VQ35DE, in the second generation models. It may be one of Nissan’s most popular engines, used in over 19 different models. Basically it’s the same engine as the VQ30DE, just larger and more powerful.

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