Jeep Grand Wagoneer Used Engines

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Used Engines | Used Engines JeepJeep Grand Wagoneer engines can be either 4.0L or 5.2L. These engines are the most common and are still used in some formation in modern day Jeeps. The early 1990s brought changes to the Chrysler brand. A revised version of the Grand Wagoneer was introduced and was a full-size SUV. The sizing was later changed to a micro SUV but the engines weren’t changed. If you are searching for one of these engines, we have Jeep grand Wagoneer used engines in our inventory. We can offer you super low pricing and fast shipments. It doesn’t matter if you are a dealer or regular person. Everyone gets the same pricing here at

Part of the reason that we do so well selling engines on the Internet has nothing to do with our pricing. We know exactly how to buy used engines. This saves us from a lot of the hassles and frustrations that many engine sellers go through. When you buy worn out engines, there is little that can be done to save them and make them new again. All of our engine distributors and partners receive quality Jeep engines that are used but have low mileage. This is very important to our customers and perhaps why repeat business is one of our biggest assets.

OEM Jeep Grand Wagoneer Used Engines

Consider this scenario. You buy a used engine from an auction website at a price that is perfect. You get the engine about 2 weeks later and you are surprised to learn that you have cheap aftermarket  parts on it. This happens all the time and if you read online forums and complaints you will see it. All of our Jeep engines are OEM. This means they are certified by Chrysler as original and nothing is added or changed. We do, however, clean each engine with expert cleansers that make each engine literally shine. Dirt and grime and two things that can deteriorate an engine quickly and we keep that stuff out of our used engines for sale.

Buying Jeep engines used is not impossible. We try to give every customer the V6 or V8 engine that they want. Most of the time we have exactly what is needed to fix up an old Jeep or replace the engine in a newer model. We are not a one-man operation. We have an expert team of engine specialists that help us. Our call center staff, our mechanics and our engine buyers work together each day. What we end up with are great 4.0L and 5.2L engines for sale around the world to our customers. You can experience the full 200+ horsepower in all of our engines without worrying about breakdowns.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Used Engines Pricing

You came to this website because you were interested in low priced engines that have a high value and low miles. We have that covered for you. You can find our pricing by filling out the Jeep quote request form to the right on this page. You won’t be disappointed in what we quote you. You can also call 888-284-3591 and get our price over the phone. Get your engine today.