Jeep Wrangler 2.5L Engine

AMC built the first 2.5L engine in 1984 in the USA. It was used in the Wrangler and other Jeep automobiles. The most popular were the YJ and TJ vehicles. As a straight four-cylinder block, the OHV design did not limit the output during usage. Even though Chrysler took over production, the Jeep Wrangler 2.5L engine can still be found in used condition. Buy these here.

150 CID Wrangler Motor

The 2.5-liter was a strong 4-cylinder. It had compress almost like a V6. The first models were outputting around 9:1 ratios while later builds were updated with 9:2. The cubic inch displacement remained at 150 for all units produced. Before the PowerTech was standard inside of a Jeep, drivers loved the 2.5-liter.

The VIN number helps to establish what version of the block can be ordered. The original stock utilized a carburetor system. This was changed to a throttle body type and then later to electronic fuel injection. This had little impact on the performance of the AMC 150 motor.

The cast iron block performed the best at around 5000 RPM. The hydraulic lifters did a good job of not limiting the power. In general, the Jeep Wrangler engine achieved around 125 horsepower. This was regarded as quite an achievement for a straight 4-cylinder.

Wrangler 2.5 Block Warranty

Anything that people buy here is covered for a number of years. These are not cheap eBay units. The very best Jeep junk yards are the resources we tap to procure our used Wrangler 2.5 motors. Closing the deal often means making compromises. Our extension of the factory warranty to a term of 36 months is our commitment.

The parts and the labor are under coverage. What this translates to is that will pay for repairs that do not terminate the warranty. Not every consumer beats a block to death, but there are cases when people push them to the limit. We do not cover this type of activity.

2.5L Jeep Wrangler Engine Price

How much a yard charges us to acquire the stock is what is passed along to customers. We have very little MSRP markup. Our warehouse does grow. The pace is pretty steady. A swap of a Jeep I4 is much better with a unit that is low in mileage. When we format a price quote here online, we always display the mileage.

The authentic AMC built inventory we show here is shipped by freight carriers. Our ordering line is operated daily by parts specialists. It is no easy task to search the entire USA to find a complete 2.5 Wrangler motor in good condition. We have already done the hard work. Call us.