Used Kia Optima Engines

Used Kia Optima EnginesKia Optima is one of the largest sedans that a Japanese automaker produces. Toyota puts a lot of emphasis on compact passenger cars and avoids the luxury sedan market due to Lexus. Kia Optima is a 4-door sedan that was created in 2001. A 4-cylinder 2.4L engine served as the base engine for the Optima and a larger 2.7L V6 was offered as an upgrade. There are currently 3 generations of the Optima that have been created and it is still in production. You’ll find these used Kia Optima engines online here a for a great price. Let us ship one to you for free today.

Kia has dominated U.S. auto sales since the early 1990s. One thing that this company has done that others have forgotten about is that engines are always put first. The Kia engines that are produced are done so only with years of engineering first. Nothing is produced without benchmark and endurance testing. The Optima is no different when it comes to its motor. We find these used engines inside the inventory of our engine distributors. What is sold to us is exactly what we sell to customers and there are no middlemen.

Used Kia Optima Engines

There are only two types of automobile engines. These are ones that are working and ones that need work. There are some engines that are in between these two types and we avoid these. We choose to only provide Kia engines that have been removed from gently used vehicles. This means that the mileage remains as low as possible. We know that doing a Kia engine swap for a customer that has a high mileage engine is a priority. The motors that arrive here are tested and approved before they are actually sold. We do verify the mileage on the block as well as the other components. We never send out something we wouldn’t use personally.

You never have to wonder if a warranty is included in our selling price. Not only do we have a low price, but also we put warranty coverage in to sweeten the deal. Getting a used engine is a great thing if it is covered. There are some used engine companies that know engines they sell are ready to die at any moment. We test, then we test again and we still warranty the product. You don’t have to spend time dealing with engine issues here. What you pay for is a great used Kia engine. This is exactly what our engine specialists ship out daily here. Our trained staff eliminates the waiting period by shipping all motors instantly upon order processing.

Used Kia Optima Engines Price Quotes

Prices are generated by our engine staff when you call toll free at 888-284-3591. Let us help you today get the used Kia engine that can arrive to your doorstep as early as tomorrow. You can even get online quotes here. Use the clickable web form to get immediate online price quotes. We’re fast, easy to deal with and we’ve available online 24/7.