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Used Kia Sephia Engines | Used Engines for SaleKia is a Japanese car that was built with the same integrity and passion that Toyota and Honda were built with. Kia cars quickly became a feature in the U.S. auto market and the Sephia was the leadoff car. The year 1993 was a tough year for most automakers as they transitioned from the 1980s into the new decade. Many automakers had declining sales and this helped Kia to rise above the competition with the Sephia. Both 1.6L and 1.8L engines were offered. You will find used Kia Sephia engines in our inventory right now for an absolutely guaranteed low online price.

We trust Kia automobiles. Kia as a whole has never had lagging sales in the United States. The growth of its passenger car and crossover SUV business has been amazing. A lot of time and development was spent in the early 1990s making the Sephia a household name. This car was the original passenger car that virtually started it all for U.S. drivers. A clean and sleek look combined with a high fuel economy 1.6L or 1.8L engine. We deal strictly with used versions of the Sephia. We are not a remanufactured Kia engines dealer. What is found in our Kia inventory is strictly great condition Sephia engines for sale.

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10 years was put into the Mazda engine platform that the Sephia is built on. We buy these DOHC engines in large container shipments. The agreements that we have made with both foreign and domestic distributors is how we’ve remained in business for so long. It can be tough to sell used engines online that no one can hear in operation before buying one. We understand that our customers rely totally on us to describe Kia motors well enough so that they can be assured in their purchase. We do exactly that. We could just copy and paste engine specs straight from Kia and let you decide how great the engine condition is upon arrival. We don’t do that.

Customers have high expectations for a used engine sellers like us. They already have searched auction websites and catalog dealers offline. When customers find our business, they usually end up staying our customer for life. This because of the low pricing that we offer, great warranty and absolutely free shipping. The average dealer is willing to make a sale but doesn’t support it afterward. Each member of our staff is a trained professional and more importantly they are engine lovers too. We know the power and reliability that our Used Kia motors provide. We assure all customers that a 1.8L or 1.6L engine shipped free from us is a very good deal.

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You are literally a few seconds away from paying less than you imagined for a used Kia engine. Do you see the quote form we use? All you have to do is choose the year and the exact engine you need. Our form does the rest. You obtain what you came here to get without the wait. We give out a low price, great warranty and very fast shipping to your door. Call our Kia engine experts at 888-284-3591 for immediate assistance. We won’t keep you waiting.