Lincoln Limousine 4.6L Engine

The Town Car used a 4.6L engine at Lincoln for Limousines. This big V8 is manufactured by Ford and is known as a Modular block. It was placed into production at different factories starting in the year 1991. Someone who will eventually buy a Lincoln Limousine 4.6L engine should know these come in multiple valve combinations.

Specs of the 4.6L V8

The final year of installation in the Town Car was 2011 for the 4.6-liter motor. The initial horsepower was publicly stated as 190 hp. It was elevated sometime around the year 1997 to 210 hp. Ford Motor Company uses the same parts in all of its luxury vehicles. This does make a swap much less complicated.

Unlike the older OHV blocks, the Modular is a SOHC unit. This means that only one camshaft is on the head of the motor. The Lincoln lineup eventually started showcasing the variable valve timing systems in use during the mid 2000s. All known variants of a used Limousine engine can be ordered from this website.

There is a 12-valve, 24-valve and a much larger 32-valve available. The VIN code will determine which can be installed easily with stock Ford motor mounts. Even though what is provided here comes straight out of a junk yard, quality is very important.

Replacing a 4.6L Engine

Maintenance should always be performed by someone using an 8-cylinder motor. Unfortunately for buyers, it is not really that easy to get a quality Lincoln engine online. There might be hundreds of sources to make a purchase, buy keeping costs low during a replacement is what people really care about.

On a typical high mileage 4.6-liter, there could be problems with the timing chain or spark plugs. These can be fixed, but it is better to get a block that does not show signs of problems. steam cleans its inventory. This makes dull metal parts look like new again. A very clean and reliable build is what is shipped out.

Buy Used Lincoln Motors Here

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