Mazda MPV 3.0L Engine

Mazda debuted its MPV van in 1989. It used a 3.0L engine. This V6 was powerful and built specifically for minivan usage. It was only 2WD, but no one really noticed. The most common block found is a VIN 2 8th digit from most dealers. It was the base installations. Buy a Mazda MPV 3.0L engine right on our auto parts website here for cheap.

Specs of the 3.0-liter Motor

A maximum of 200 horsepower was put into the original J motor platform. The first generation units that came from Japan held a different block. The features, specs and components were all identical. Mazda made a decision in the second generation to ship MPV minivans with a better 3.0L motor known as the AJ.

The three-door and four-door vans were all 2WD. This production style lasted until the year 1999. Options were a four-speed automatic transmission or the upgraded 5-speed manual. Both of these editions were built for operation with the V6. Unlike rival automakers, a four-cylinder design was never offered in the van series.

Replacing an MPV Engine

Most of the people who seek out a way to swap a block do so because of a malfunctioned part. It is very common to blow the heads or cause other damage during usage. Even though import builds are reliable, they are susceptible to many of the known issues that domestic motors have. In comparison, a low mileage 3.0-liter is often preferred. supplies a plan for warranty coverage. These are meant to sway even the choosiest of motor buyers. When price is not high on the list, durability of the OEM parts usually is. We guarantee what we sell to be almost like dealership quality. Tests have confirmed operation and we even clean off most of the surface rust.

3.0L Mazda MPV Engine Sale

The entire fleet of minivans in the Mazda company and from other manufacturers exists here. We let adults into our search system so that they can take a look around. Most men and women do not have the actual VIN number when shopping for a motor replacement. The used Mazda engines that we sell can be priced even without this code.

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