Mercury Tracer Engine for Sale

Prices for Mercury Tracer engines in used condition are found here.

The Tracer by Ford for its Mercury division debuted in the 1987 year. First promoted with a 1.6L motor block, the consumer demand quickly grew. The hatchback, sedan and station wagon versions were all big sellers at the Ford Motor Company. Because there were three generations of manufacturing, there are still plenty of used Mercury Tracer engine for sale products found in North America.

Specs for the Tracer Motors

The VIN P is a popular product. Known officially as an SPI 2000, this 2.0-liter edition is the largest motor in a Tracer car. The smaller editions had displacements of 1.8L and 1.9L respectively. The horsepower range was rated as the following:

82 horsepower
88 horsepower
110 horsepower
127 horsepower

Discontinued in the year 1999, the Mercury Tracer was though to have a comeback in the mid-2000s to boost annual sales. While the decision to bring back this car is still up in the air, the standard and split port induction engines can still be found online. The CVH and earlier builds are found here solely for regular people to purchase.

GS, LS and LTS Blocks

Having the right vehicle identification number is important. What Ford did was make it easier for the common man to find the correct version of his vehicle. The check digit is a dead giveaway when determining which trim level Mercury Tracer motor is needed. has one of the only nationwide look-up tools that finds all North American inventory. The Ford-Mercury products people can purchase on this website come from secondary sources. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a second hand auto engine.

Warranty Period of Two Years

How often do used motors break down? The answer always depends on the usage pattern. Someone who does not change oil or perform maintenance will have more car trouble. Since a motor block is the lifeblood of an automobile, getting the best preowned edition is the key.

No less than 24 months are given for each warranty policy here. This is a long time in the preowned parts industry. Not all components receive the base coverage, but people are pretty happy to have a standard protection plan.

Buy Used Mercury Car Motors Here

The interchange database that is intelligently designed is accessible while shopping here. If a person knows all the right information, a price is immediately given. For a non-match in the system, a purchaser of a salvage block might have to call the support department. This is needed to validate that the right model year is available.