Used Plymouth Breeze Engines

Used Plymouth Breeze EnginesPlymouth Breeze was created in the middle of the 1990s right before the SUV craze. Plymouth had always made 2-door sedans up until this period in time. The Plymouth Breeze was a 4-door sedan that was built for the luxury market. The trim package and interior amenities were closely modeled after the Dodge Stratus. Plymouth has always marketed cars at the right period of time. The used Plymouth Breeze engines that are in stock here are usually shipped out free of charge. We help people out by lowering our prices and finding ways to reduce engine prices even more.

The biggest difference between the 2 base model engines was the development of the cam systems. The single overhead cam design was the 2.0L engine. This engine offered a starting point of 135 horsepower. These motors were built to reach the luxury end of the Plymouth line. These engines were often found in rental cars and other Plymouth Breeze vehicle applications. The dual overhead cam design was the 2.4L design. This small upgrade offered about 155 horsepower. This slight change did make a difference in the 4 years of sales that the Breeze had before it was discontinued.

Used Plymouth Breeze Engines

If buying a motor online leaves you feeling confused you are not alone. Many people find that the average ratio is about 50/50 of finding a great deal. There are many sellers that provide engines that are excellent. Some sellers seem to not care about condition or quality. What we do is fall somewhere in between a new and well maintained used engine. Our engines are definitely used but they are as good as new. We assure customers making first or multiple purchases that the investment being made is totally worthwhile. Nothing that goes out of our company is something that is of low quality. We use a lot of different ways to evaluate and judge engine condition after engines arrive from distributors and wholesalers.

A Plymouth Breeze engine purchased from this website always has a warranty with it. We understand the importance of warranty coverage for a used engine. There is nothing wrong with what we sell. We choose to extend warranties to put customer’s minds at rest. We take the OEM warranty that is given to us by a distributor and pass it along with each sale. This ensures that wherever an engine is installed it is protected from harm. We do this for average buyers, mechanics, junkyards and other customers that make purchases from our company. We have a great reputation selling used Plymouth engines online.

Used Plymouth Breeze Engines Price Quotes

A price quote is simple and stress-free at our website. You don’t even have to call if you prefer getting online quotes. Use the 2.0 and 2.4 used engine quote form we built for you. It gives you all of the details before you make a purchase. If you do prefer to call us, you can do so at 888-284-3591. Our expert staff will assist you instantly and you will never be left waiting on the phone.