Used Pontiac Engines for Sale

Used Pontiac Engines for SalePontiac has always been the sister company of Chevrolet. The cars might have been a lower price but there was no tradeoff in power. The very same engines that GM produced for Chevy were given to Pontiac. Some of the most popular names in auto history came from Pontiac. Even though Pontiac has closed its doors we can still get the engines here at It is great for our buyers because there are millions of Pontiac car owners out there. We offer quality used Pontiac engines for sale with free shipping and a great warranty. This package deal is hard to say no to and we sell thousands of them each year.

You probably know that used engines are definitely not created equal. Some car owners have to find that out the hard way. We do all that we can do as engine sellers to protect our customers from disastrous scenarios. One way that we help out is by forging expert relationships in the industry. This helps to cut down on us getting engines in less than acceptable quality. Our distributors and wholesalers are the key to making sure we always have high quality used engines to offer for sale on our engine website.

Used Pontiac Engines for Sale

GM rarely put anything less than a V6 into its cars. It pretty much stayed away from the 3 and 4-cylinder engines that were built by Ford and Chrysler. GM knew that the engines must be powerful and ready to take on all challenges. The only motors that could do this every time were V6. Most of what you will locate in our warehouse is the V6 displacement. We trust this engine and find that it is a great seller in all of its glory. There are several versions that have been produced since the 1960s. These Pontiac engines are what are acquired here for quick sale. We love Pontiac. Even though it is now retired we still continue to strongly support the brand.

Do you get a warranty with a engine? Yes you do. We even go farther for you and it won’t cost you a penny. What we do is analyze the motors upon their arrival. We are great judges of character and don’t just use our eyes to make an assessment. We have the machinery and testing devices that backup all of our Pontiac engine claims. We know the mileage, the age, the wear and tear and the life expectancy of the motor as a whole. Our pricing is based off of this assessment. When then calculate the extension of the warranty period. This is given to every customer regardless of engine age for no cost.

Used Pontiac Engines for Sale Pricing

Names like Aztec, Bonneville, Firebird and Grand Am are inside our warehouse right now. You won’t have to work hard to get the price. You only have to use the Pontiac engine form for quotes that we display here. It’s fast and effortless. Use the form now and review the price we display. You can then call us toll free at 888-284-3591. We’ll be your complete engine source online.