Mercury Topaz 2.3L Engine for Sale

Topaz by Mercury used 2.3L I4 engine blocks from 1984 to 1994. Known as the sister vehicle to the Tempo, the Topaz was one of the brands to use the high swirl combustion system. Because the four-cylinder HSC is no longer manufactured, people have to find used units from retailers. A Mercury Topaz 2.3L engine for sale is available here.

2.3 CFI or Carburetor Motors

Fuel systems were changing rapidly in the 1980s. Ford was getting away from the carburetor blocks by 1985. The early Mercury HSC motors did have a simple carburetor installed. In later years, this was changed to include the CFI model. These central fuel injection parts can still be fixed should someone need to buy a component from a dealer.

The OHV block of the 2.3 is rated for 140 cubic inch displacement. This averages to be about 90 horsepower. The official specs from Mercury listed the LTS and XR-5 with 100 hp in the HO blocks. Ford Motor Company did improve the performance of its 2.3 as time went on.

When support decreased for the small I4, a change was issued to include the Vulcan V6. This was the same setup that can be found in the Taurus. The 3.0-liter as well as the 2.3-liter can still be ordered using the checkout system on this page.

The mark of VIN X 8th digit identifies the 2.3 HSC Topaz motor. A VIN S refers to the higher output versions produced after the year 1987. This website is one of the few resources left in the country to find quality inventory.

Replacement Topaz Car Engines

How much is a rebuilt 2.3? Since nothing on sale here is remanufactured, it is hard to answer such a question. The general mileage range for a base block is upwards of 100,000 miles. When the HSC or other modules are rebuilt, the count of mileage is never depleted. The biggest change is that valves, springs, couplers and other parts are swapped.

Who sells 2.3-liter Mercury crate engines? That answer is easy. UEFS is perhaps the biggest second hand resource that anyone can search to find low mileage builds online. If something is not in stock, it can be ordered or found through a partner reseller.

Used 2.3L Topaz 4-Cylinder Engines

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