Used F150 Truck Engines for Sale

Used engines are perhaps the greatest value in the engine replacement field. I’m not saying this because they cost less than other forms of replacement engine options. Let me set an example for you. Used F150 Truck Engines for sale for model years 1997 to 2004 are very popular.

Called the tenth generation of F Series trucks, they came with five different engines ranging from a 4.2L [256 cubic inch] Essex V6; 4.8L [281 cubic inch] Triton V8; 5.4L [330 cubic inches] Triton V8; 6.8L [413 cubic inches] Triton V10; 7.3L [444 cubic inches] Diesel V8.

Assuming you are here looking for a used engine for an F-150, we have certain operational standards set in granite for every used engine we sell. Nearly 100 percent of our used engines are run in the donor vehicle first. This allows us to make sure the engine operates perfectly the first time you start it up.

I also like that a low mileage used engine isĀ  not subject to certain conditions other forms of replacement engines can experience. Meaning, the engine is still a virgin in terms of having never been worked on already. It ran perfectly for X amount of miles, thus we know that engine is a winner, and will continue to operate perfectly.

The fact that a used engine costs less is appealing to all people. Especially if you are on a budget. As I said a good used engine is a great value in terms of cost and the amount of miles left in it. I recommend used engines for many folks.

To find out if we have the exact match used engine for sale for a Ford F150 pickup, Call Now for a free estimate. Our representatives are ready to educate you up on how to choose the best used engine for your needs.