Volkswagen Jetta 1.8L Engines

Volkswagen Jetta 1.8L EnginesVolkswagen Jetta was created in 1979 although it did not become very popular until the mid 1980s. Volkswagen has had a long history of exporting great cars and the Jetta is just one example. One unique thing about VW cars is the fact that they are produced in 4-cylinder and diesel configurations. This variation in engine type has worked well for VW through the years. You can find that our Volkswagen Jetta 1.8L engines are priced to move quickly. We discount our used engine pricing and usually ship these engines free of charge.

The Jetta used the 1.8L engine in many of its famous models. There were earlier engines like the 1.6 although buyers seemed to prefer the larger series. Over 10 million Jetta vehicles have been sold and many of them have used the 1.8L engine. VW still supports this engine and we’re able to find it through our distribution network. Our suppliers and wholesalers provide us access to clean and useable engines. We ship Volkswagen engines to car owners and to those that own businesses. We know the quality has to remain high. You won’t have auction style website quality issues with our motors.

Volkswagen Jetta 1.8L Engines in Stock

We sell thousands of engines each year. A good portion of what moves out of our warehouse is VW engines. One thing we do differently is our reviews and testing. We inspect all motors that arrive here by hand. There are certain things that can go wrong with a 4-cylinder or a diesel engine. We make sure these are addressed before we sell to customers. None of our Jetta engines for sale get labeled as low quality. We’ve built strong relationships with domestic and overseas suppliers of engines. We don’t have to worry about many of the problems that used engine dealers face online.

When you buy a Jetta engine, you could be confused about the types that are available. There are non-turbo and turbo engines. The turbo class of engines have a slightly different design and are generally not compatible in all vehicles. What we offer is the standard edition 1.8L and not the turbo. If you require this engine, you could ask our sales department if they can get it for you. Part of our business model is making sure that all customers are satisfied with our engine quality. We work with the top suppliers in the auto industry. Both businesses and average car owners come to us when they need a great and reliable used engine for sale.

Volkswagen Jetta 1.8L Engines Price Quotes

Calling in to our VW engine experts is how you get to know our pricing. You won’t find it on this website although our quote form can generate it for you. We make our website easy to use. We know what a hassle getting a quote can be. We’ve already eliminated the hard work. It’s now in your hands to get a low VW Jetta engine price quote. Contact us now and we promise you’ll save money.