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Chevy Tahoe Engine

GM introduced the world to the cousin of the Yukon known as the Tahoe. This 1995 creation remains in production because of the engine power. You can find more than one displacement for sale here. If you came here to find a compatible V8, you’re in the right place. Each preowned Chevy Tahoe engine for sale here is an OEM build. You’re getting a lot for your money. Our network of automotive supply companies are able to provide superior pricing. You can stop lurking on eBay or Craigslist to find a better deals. Just use the quote form here. The 4.1 straight six was the first and last installation of this motor in an SUV. The retirement of this engine helped to produce the 5.3 V8. This engine was used successfully in the Silverado series. The boost of power to the 5.7 helped the Tahoe to gain new ground for an combustion engine sport utility vehicle. The used units that are found inside our searchable database provide the GM value that cannot be found elsewhere. We’re not an auction seller. We choose to provide engines that come from real companies providing real warranties. Chevy Tahoe Engine Problems Solved Is your engine locked up? Are you getting OBD-II codes you don’t understand? We’re here to help you solve your Chevrolet SUV engine issues. The motors that we provide are a lot cheaper than fixing one that is beyond repair. You know that once engines reach a certain mileage point that it’s probably time to call it a day. Our low priced GM motors give the V8 power in both gasoline and diesel form that buyers request. Thousands of buyers can’t be wrong each year who use […]

Chevy Vortec Engine

Chevy launched its line of Vortec engines in the 1980s. The technology that helped to boost demand for these engines is still in use today. This engine series has gone through various changes to find the right balance of power as well as fuel efficiency. Some of the popular versions include the 4300, 4200, 5300 and 5700 Vortec engines. What you can find in our massive preowned motors inventory is a Chevy Vortec engine that is right for your vehicle or installation. Our online inventory at http://www.usedengines.co provides the majority of classic and late model editions. The small-block Chevrolet design was never lost in the creation of the Vortec motors. The dominance of this engine helped to provide years of sales success for the Safari, S10 Blazer, GMC series and many pickup trucks in the lineup. Finding a used condition engine from a secondary market seller with low mileage can be a nightmare. Spend some time searching online and you’ll come across various levels of quality. The difference between what is found here and other websites is too great to list. What we provide is a perfect replacement for a used engine that provides the reliability this expected. Chevy Vortec Engine OEM Specs We know the different engine codes that are required by customers. What we do during a phone call is we take some basic information. We use this information to match the OEM requirements that customers need. Not all variants will fit into the newer edition vehicles. To help save time and erase installation issues, we provide the most updated data about the engine specs to each customer. We could easily just reprint the stock data that General Motors provides online like other […]

Chevy 4.3 Engine

Chevy 4.3 engine provides its owners with a lot of reliability. If you own this motor, you know exactly what it can do. If you’re upgrading it, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll get. We sell used engines here. This means that our Chevy 4.3 engine is in preowned condition. The first instance of this Vortec 4300 motor came in the late 1980s. Chevy started producing V6 engines for use in many different vehicles. The 4.3 is just one example of one that was widely popular. Browsing the online inventory here at http://www.usedengines.co will put you one step closer to owning a V6 engine. The 4300 series is one example of an engine that lasted a minimum of 20 years in production. Engines come and go in the domestic market and some stay around for a long time. A lot of these are General Motors produced. Getting a replacement motor doesn’t have to be an issue on this website. We tell you a little about the history, show you a great price and let you decide what you want to do. This means no hassles or other scenarios that can frequently happen with other online engine companies. Chevy 4.3 Engine Specs The cast iron heads of this V6 engine make sure that it is shielded from wear and tear. The horsepower range starts at 200 hp and can go up from there depending on the engine code that you need. The Savana, Blazer, Jimmy, Silverado or Bravada series all accept a version of the 4.3 motor. What we do is help you understand the specs that you’re supposed to get before you place an order. We work extremely hard on accuracy here. It’s too easy […]

Used Chevy Blazer S10 Engines

Chevy Blazer S10 was manufactured between 1983 and 1995. This was the SUV version of the famous S10 pickup. While these two vehicles had similar names, there was nothing similar as far as the engines were concerned. The 4.3L V6 is by far the most requested S10 Blazer engine. The Blazer had a full four-wheel drive system and was completely setup with what drivers wanted. We sell used Chevy Blazer S10 engines at low prices that our customers appreciate. It is not difficult at our website to find the perfect used engine. Our engines are shipped promptly and always arrive undamaged. Whether you are a driver or a mechanic, you can be assured that what you find here is top notch. We refuse to sell any Chevrolet engine that is not inspected by our team. We appreciate what our distributors do for us but we’re the final judge. Our customers demand that we have higher than average quality engines for sale. What is made for sale here is the absolute best we can offer online. We’re engine lovers just like our customers. We can’t find it in ourselves to sell low quality engines to high quality people. We guarantee all engine sales made here. Used Chevy Blazer S10 EnginesĀ  A 4300 V6 engine is a powerful thing. We assure that this power is preserved here at our company. We do sell used engines, but that doesn’t mean we have to take a quality loss. We have a trained and experienced team that works for us. The knowledge of these Chevrolet experts is amazing. They know right what to inspect and what potential problems can be found. We put our review practices to work daily. Each […]

Used Chevy Citation Engines

Chevy Citation started off the year 1980 with sales success. During its illustrious 5-year production, almost 2 million vehicles were produced. The buying public quickly caught on to the fuel savings that the Citation offered. For over 2 years, the Citation was a best seller for Chevrolet. Sales dwindled in the mid 1980s and the Citation was eventually replaced by the Corsica. You don’t have to search around for used Chevy Citation engines anymore. They are found here and always sold at prices no other dealers can match. Buying second hand engines is not a problem when you know the secrets. We are one of the best-kept engine secrets. Chevrolet has done a lot correctly during its reign as the number one automaker in the world. Cars like the Citation that were only produced for a half a decade are still in use on the roadways of the world. The good thing about getting used engines for these vehicles is that there are dealers like us that still stock them. We have the famous 2.5L Iron Duke that was the first engine put into the Citation in 1980. It was also more famously used in the S10. A larger 2.8L V6 is also available that amps up the horsepower. Used Chevy Citation EnginesĀ  The compact nature of the Citation did not deter it from having V6 power. What the 4-cylinder lacked in horsepower was made up for in the 6-cylinder. The way we bring engines into our warehouse for sale is a different process that helps our customers. We don’t pick up the phone and order what is out there. We go through several negotiations back and forth with our top engine suppliers. We’re only […]

Chevy Nova 1.6L Used Engines

Chevy Nova lovers that owned one of these cars in the 1960s and 1970s might have been disappointed when the sub-compact arrived in 1984. After Chevrolet retired the Nova, sales of compact cars had taken over and a replacement was in store for the Nova. A smaller engine that was produced by Toyota was used instead of the larger V6 engines of the past. The new 1.6L engine gave great fuel economy and beat out most of the sub-compact competition. It is no coincidence that we have Chevy Nova 1.6L used engines for sale. We offer these at a tremendous price and they come with a guarantee of satisfaction. You will be pleased to know that a used engine that is shipped to you by us in clean condition. We are aware of many of the engines that get sold on other websites. We do not deny that these engines are not in great shape. What we do is we attach a professional buyer to each Nova engine that is purchased for us to sell. We put the entire reputation of our company on the line. We trust the employees that we have and know that the 1.6L engines that arrive here for us to sell are always clean and in higher than average used condition. Chevy Nova 1.6L Used Engines Our 5th generation Nova engines always arrive to your location with a period of warranty coverage. Nothing leaves our packed warehouse without going through our pre-shipment checklist. The things that matter most to us are shipping speed and engine protection. We are never concerned with how much profit we earn until our customers are completely satisfied. The 4-cylinder engines that we send out get […]

Chevy Astro 4.3L Used Engines

Chevy Astro was one of the finest mid-sized vans ever produced by Chevrolet. Most automakers catered to the minivan crowd but Chevy knew differently. Even the marketing slogans were geared toward people that wanted a little more out of a standard van. The buying public listened and sales of the Astro soared during its production run. This van is one of the most popular in use because it works well for business and average use. Under the hood is a V6 Vortec engine that has gained legendary status as a small-block Chevy engine. We have these Chevy Astro 4.3L used engines ready to ship only here at www.usedengines.co. Almost 200 true horsepower is available with the 4.3L engine. This is one reason that Chevrolet selected it over the 4-cylinder design. This engine is still in production by General Motors although the Astro was retired as a brand in 2005. We have a smart staff of buyers here and we know just how and where to buy Astro engines for sale. We don’t have to worry about where our engines come from because professionalism is not a problem here. We have contracts with leading wholesalers and suppliers throughout the U.S. It makes our job so much easier and keeps every customer happy. Chevy Astro 4.3L Used Engines The Vortec engines that are in our warehouse right now have all underwent an approval process. If you have never bought an engine online yet, you might be unaware of just how they are selected for sale. There are distributors and then there are resellers. Distributors that we use are able to find pullouts and overstock engines that used to be owned by dealerships and other companies. These are […]

Chevy Alero Used Engines

Chevy Alero was a compact car that lasted for 6 years on the General Motors production line. The Alero took over where the Cutlass left off. Several engines were put into the Alero and both 4-cylinder and V6 engines were experimented with. You won’t have no trouble finding the Chevy Alero used engines that you need in our huge inventory. The inventory of motors that we have is the largest in North America. We have several distribution centers and ship out engines everyday to customers in every country. Our Chevy used engines do not have problems or issues like some that you can find online. Get a quote in complete confidence here. Some customers think we are just an average seller until they browse our inventory. What we have in stock is just about every new and late model engine that major automakers have produced. A good percentage of our customers are junkyards and salvage businesses. We know that quality is very important to these companies and we always deliver great engines. The secret to part of the success that we have achieved is in the type of motors that we choose to stock. Buying from reputable distributors is how we beat most of the issues with second hand engines. Chevy Alero Used EnginesĀ  When you buy a second hand engine, you are completely depending on the service and maintenance that was hopefully performed by the previous owner. Engines that are near the end of a life cycle are something that you don’t want to receive. We beat out most dealers because we have made lifelong connections. The dealers that we are contracted with know where to find us Chevrolet engines that have been well […]

Chevy Aveo Used Engines for Sale

Chevy Aveo is a compact passenger car that has been produced for over a decade. GM selected its popular Ecotec engine to slide in underneath the hood of the Aveo. Ford has the Focus but Chevy has the Aveo. Each of these cars have been in a constant battle to reign supreme as the top 4-cylinder automobile. You don’t have to continue searching online for Chevy Aveo used engines for sale. What is in our inventory is an engine that is absolutely clean and ready for a complete installation. Getting the price you want here at www.usedengines.co is easy and you can get it online 24 hours a day. We trust Chevrolet and we feel they make some of the best if not greatest engines in history. We did all of the hard work already and found the best dealers and wholesalers to purchase from. We know how frustrating buying used engines can be and it is our mission to takeaway all of the stress and hardships that other dealers can give you. Some of our customers are salvage dealers, junkyards and mechanics that work in body shops. Doing engine pullouts and swaps is fast and easy with our Aveo engines for sale. Chevy Aveo Used Engines for Sale One of the biggest downsides to buying online engines is the fact that you have no idea of the operating condition. When you can hear an engine running, you can be assured that it works correctly and will start up as planned. This is not possible online. What we do for you is do the next best thing. We tell you the engine condition and what we do to ensure all parts are working smoothly and […]

Chevy HHR 2.4L Used Engines

Chevy HHR was a concept car created exclusively by General Motors. The 2.4L Ecotec was the most used engine in this series due to its higher horsepower. The HHR was sold to hundreds of thousands of people around the world and this retro station wagon took on a life of its own. Car clubs and collectors alike hold conventions and annual celebrations that feature the Chevy HHR. We sell Chevy HHR 2.4L used engines right from this website. We are the largest General Motors used engine dealer on the Internet and have multiple warehouse locations in the United States. What does a used engine really come with? The answer is that your engine condition depends on where it was purchased and who owned it previously. We have been very lucky creating partnerships throughout our existence with engine distributors and suppliers. We are able to buy excellent engines that are in used condition. We take the engines inside of our engine shop and shine them up for sale. What we are interested in with Chevy engines is low mileage. We know that finding an engine that does not have high miles from an auction website is pretty much hopeless. Because we buy from the best distributors, we provide low mileage HHR used engines for sale. Chevy HHR 2.4L Used Engines We sell thousands of 2.4L Ecotec engines each year and our price has just a little bit to do with that success. What we usually hear from feedback given by our customers is the speed of shipping and the cleanliness of each engine. For some reason, when people buy used engines online they have the notion that they are all alike. Many people find out quickly […]