Used Motors

Used Engines for Sale

There is a lot you can do with a used engine. Most people think that used cars have terrible engines. It is true that owner maintenance is one key aspect of a great motor. Car owners that do not take care of engines can find the engines wear out too fast. Our company sells engines…

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Used Diesel Engines

Largest Online Source for Used Diesel Engines Buying a used engine can come with surprises if you are not careful. What means used to us likely does not mean the same to another engine dealer. Our process for purchasing used diesel engines is simple. We start by contacting our reputable network of engine suppliers and…

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Used Ford Sohc 4.0 Used Motor

Ford made several 4 liter engines. In the 6 cylinder family, they made a conventional OHV [over head valve] engine and a SOHC [single overhead camshaft] 4.0L engine. Do not confuse the Ford SOHC 4.0L used motor for sale, with the outdated four liter inline six cylinder engines made previously. These particular engines were known…

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